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HIV Test

Dear Dr  thanks you for accepting me here

i just have shot questions , before one week i was in strip club and i had sex with strip worker without protection but the intercourse was just for seconds then i stopped , and this was my first time ,and i still worried from this night tell now and im always thinking about it

1. what is the probability of been infected with HIV after this night?

2.if its high when should i make the test ?

3 what are the Symptoms that i should worry about ?


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Welcome to the forum.

As we have said many, many times on this forum (just scan any 10-20 threads at random), in the US the vast majority of commercial sex workers, strippers, etc do not have HIV (probably around 1 in 1,000); and when a woman has HIV, the average transmission risk has been calculated at once for every 2,000 episodes of unprotected vaginal sex.  These facts alone indicate the chance you caught HIV under 1 in 2 million.  Given the brevity of the exposure, presumably your risk is even lower than that.

That answers question 1.  Your risk is low enough that you don't need testing.  (In general, testing is not warranted after any single sexual exposure, unless particularly high risk -- for example, with a known-infected partner, anonymous unprotected sex among gay men, etc.  It is smarter for sexually active people to not worry about individual events, but just have a routine HIV test from time to time, like every 1-3 years depending on sexual lifestyle.  If you haven't been tested recently, this would be a good time, since it's on your mind -- but not because of this particular event. Howver, if you want to time a test in connection with this event, have a standard HIV antibody test at 6-8 weeks, or a duo test (for both HIV antibody and p24 antigen) at 4 weeks.  You can scan or search the forum for innumerable discussions of time to reliably negative HIV test results.

Finally, you symptom question also has been addressed repeatedly.  Typical symptoms of HIV like fever, sore throat, skin rash, and enlarged lymph nodes (all over the body, not just in one or two locations) -- usually all occurring together, i.e. any one of these symptoms by itself is unusual for HIV.  However, these symptoms are far more common with viruses other than HIV, so even if you develop them, probably it won't indicate a new HIV infection.

Bottom line:  Almost no risk and testing is optional.  Before asking follow-up questions about parts you don't understand, please spend some time scanning/searching the forum; almost certainly anything you don't get has been discussed many times.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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Dear Dr
Im still worried about this relation and i cant wait 3 months tell i be sure, it has been now 37 days so if i make duo test now will it give me a confirmed result ?

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Yes, a duo test at 37 days will be 100% reliable.  It will be negative.  
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Dear doctor
i ll make the duo test on Tuesday , but now i have a little bit flu , so should i wait tell i recovered or it no problem to make the test on Tuesday  
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The HIV tests are not at all affected by any other illness, medications, or anything else.  There is no need to delay testing; the result will be 100% relaible regardless of your cold or "flu".
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