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HIV Test

Dear Dr. Handsfield,

I had posted on this forum earlier and was recommended by Dr. Hook to get an HIV test. Its been 9 weeks now to my possible expsoure and my results have come out non-reactive. This is what it says:

Cut off Value: 1.00
Patient Value: 0.17

Note: Test to be considered "Reactive" if patient rate is equal to to greater than cut off value.

Comments: Anti HIV is a chemiluminescent microparticle enzyme immunoassay for the simultaneous qualitative detection of HIV p24 antigen and antibodies to HIV type 1 and/or type 2 in human serum.

Method: Test is emplyed on architect instrument employing chemiluminescent microparticle immunoassay (CMIA)

So is this test at nine weeks conclusive?

Thanks and regards
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Welcome back.

The CMIA HIV test is 100% reliable 4 weeks or more after exposure.  It proves you did not catch HIV.  FYI, because of frequent questions on this forum from people exposed in Dubai, I have exchanged email with the UAE's most respected STD specialist; he is director of the main STD clinic there (http://www.stdclinicdubai.com/).  He informs me that few if any commercial sex workers in Dubai have HIV, and in the past several years, he is unaware of any HIV infections acquired from sex workers there.

However, I agree with Dr. Hook you should be tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia.  The same STD clinic would be a good option for expert care.  I also agree with Dr. Hook that your rash probably was jock itch, and certainly not an STD.

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I forgot to mention. My expsoure was that I had unprotected vaginal sex (30 to 35 seconds max until i realized and pulled out) with a CSW in Dubai 9 weeks ago. The girl was russian and had just joined this buisness 2 weeks ago. Later i asked her boss who is also a friend of mine about her HIV status and she told me she is 100% sure she is HIV free since they get tested every month. I asked her this 4 weeks after my expsoure. I have asked her afterward many time also and the answer is same that she is HIV free. She is still in Dubai.
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Also should I get tested for other STDs? Dr. Hook said Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. I have had no discharge or anything just a rash (jock itch I belive) on my tescticle that cleared in 10 days or so. It was just red and it cleared.
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You are repeating the same questions you asked Dr. Hook.  See his replies and mine above.

Also please note that MedHelp permits no more than 2 questions every 6 months on each of the professionally moderated forums (see Terms and Conditions).
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Sorry for the repititive questions.

I am really greatful to both of you for ur advice. God Bless u.
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Dear Dr.,

I know I am not supposed to keep asking questions. But this is just a generel one and if you do have a couple of minutes, please do answer this.

Given the information that you got from the stdclinicdubai Director about HIV risk in Dubai, would you have recommended me to take an HIV test from the brief exposure that I had. I think this question would help a lot of other worrying souls out there as well especially no one in this region has any clue about this subject.

Again I apologize for any inconvience.

Thanks and Regards,
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