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HIV Test

Dear Doc,

I had protected sex until I realized at the end, that the condom broke.  At day 28 I did a PCR DNA Test and it came out negative, and at day 75 I did an ELISA test, and it came out Negative, should I do another test? I read in some areas on the web where it says at 13 weeks ELISA test is conclusive, and then in some areas it is stated that 10 weeks is sufficient, what is the difference.

The partner was Sex worker.
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All is well; you don't have it.  With modern HIV tests, even a 6 week (42 day) antibody test is almost 100% reliable and I have never heard of someone becoming positive after a negative result at 6 weeks or later.

You don't say anything about important risk determinants, such as anal versus vaginal sex, whether your commercial partner was male or female, or whether you're in a part of the world with higher or lower HIV rates.  If your partner was female and you're in the US or other industrialized country, where only a small minority of sex workers have HIV, your risk was so low that you really didn't need testing at all.  But even in the highest risk circumstance -- for example, if it was anal sex with a male -- the combination of negative PCR test at 4 weeks plus the negative antibody test at 11 weeks (75 days) is 100% proof positive you didn't catch HIV during the broken condom event.

Bottom line:  You're home free and do not need further testing.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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Dear Doc

Thank you for your answers, to answer your questions

1) Vaginal
2) China
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Thanks.  HIV is probably is more common in CSWs in China than in the US or Europe, but still a small minority.  My opinion stands.  
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