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HIV and scratch on my penis


10 days ago I had protected sex with a lady.  The sex was very intense (very fast repetitive penetration, I was on top of her all the time). During the sex, I felt an area of my penis, near the base of my penis or my right testicle, was hurting a little bit.  (Let's call this area the "Scratched Area").  It was due to the high Intensity of the sex, and the edge of the condom and her vagina wall were rubbing against my penis at the Scratched Area because she was very tight "down there".

A few days later, I found out my penis was scratched (at the Scratched Area described above). I did not see any blood during the sex but I can't be 100% sure that blood did not come out of the Scratched Area or the skin there was not broken during the sex

The Scratched Area was likely inside and outside of her during the penetration because it was near the base of my penis or my testicles.  I do remember the condom was put on correctly.  It extended and covered my penis fully and stayed on the whole time.  The condom may have moved a little and therefore exposed the Scratched Area.

Assuming the Scratched Area was breached or did have blood leaking out and the lady has HIV, what is the risk of HIV transmission if her vaginal secretion touched the Scratched Area?  What is the level of risk for me?

Many Thanks.
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Welcome to the HIV forum.  Bottom line:  little or no risk for HIV.  I really wouldn't worry about it.

The important facts are that 1) it is statistically unilkely your partner has HIV (but you could consider asking her, or urging her to tes tested); 2) you had condom-protected sex; 3) getting minor scratches or other physical injury during sex has not been known to increase HIV risk-- even if vaginal secretions come in contact with a scratch.  I cannot say it couldn't happen -- but you also might get struck by lightning someday.  The odds probably are similar.

Since you're worried, you should have an HIV test.  This doesn't mean I believe you were seriously at risk; I do not.  But most people concerned about HIV exposures probably are more reassured by negative test results than by anything I or any other expert can advise.

Truly, this incident really carries virtually no risk for HIV.  Perhaps it will also help you to know that in the 7 years this forum has been going, with an average of 5-6 questions every day, there has never been a user who described a worrisome exposure who turned out to catch HIV.  You're not likely to be the first.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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