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Hi There

I am a gay male who was in a relationship for 3 months with a guy. During that time i stupidly let my partner insert his penis inside me on several occasions, Although he never ejaculated inside me, He assured me he is hiv negative and has recently been tested, I tested hiv negative three months ago( when we started dating), and since ending the relationship ive tested negative 11 days after last sexual contact with him. Now were no longer together im a bit stressed and feeling guilty I put my health at risk.

He seems certain he is negative, my blood test came back negative but its only been 11 days since we last slept together. How much further testing do i need to do?
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Welcome back to the forum.

Presumably "penis inside me" refers to your rectum, not mouth.  On the one hand, receiving anal sex is the highest risk of all sexual practices.  OTOH, you give strong evidence your partner doesn't have HIV; most people don't lie about HIV status when asked directly, and most really don't want to infect their partners.  There's always a small chance he has HIV and doesn't know it, either because he wasn't tested recently or has acquired HIV since his last test and could be in the window period before a positive test result.  However, the statistical odds are low for both these possibilities.

If your blood test at 11 days was a duo or combo ("4th generation") test, it's probably around 60-70% reliable; or if testing included HIV DNA/RNA testing, it's 90% or higher.   Either way, I would suggest you wait another 2 ½ weeks, and have a combo at 4 weeks after the last exposure, which would be conclusive.  Alternatively, the quickest way to definite reassurance would be for your partner to be retested at this time.  If negative, you could be certain he wasn't infected at the time of your last exposure.

Whichever path you choose, stay relaxed in the meantime.  The chance you were exposed or infected is very low.

I hope this has been helpful.  Best wishes and happy holidays--  HHH, MD
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