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HIV positive then negative.

Hi dr.,
i have not risk for HIV actually sience i did not have sex sience last 2 year (NEGATIVE ELISA).

I planed to do full blood check before marrage, that my country (Oman) ask every one to do it before any marrage.
that day i got 2 injecation of FLU VAC. i was so sick. So i been to private clinc, My ELISA came POSITIVE, 2 time retested at sam clinc. it really shocked me.
then they adviced me to do it in diffrent clinc, then next day i have been to Apollo clinc with ELFA/VIDAS more advance or same as ELISA,  then the result came Negative with .07 < .25. then i became happy whole the day,  as i trusted my self that i do not have HIV as i do not have any hiv risk exposure.

Next day,my first clinc( positive elisa) sent to HIV/ADIS department in my country to ministry of Health- central department that control AIDS in oman, again i was stressfull for 3 days till my result , then they called me to collect my report with NEGATIVE elisa, thank the god, and they told me my first result was cross reacting as my flu van.

1-Now dr, should i get marrage after this scenario, and forget it because i feel i could not forget first test.
2- should i be worry, and these scenarios happened to others.
3- what does mean Cross reacting.

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You have nothing to worry about.  You do not have HIV and there is no reason for you not to get married.

The tests you had were designed to detect antibodies to the HIV virus.  Sometimes antibodies recognize targets other than their specific targets, causing reactions that do not indicate of a true infection – these reactions are called “false positive”.  That is what happened to you. The flu vaccine caused your body to produce antibodies that reacted withthe targets present in the HIV test even though you did not have HIV.

Once again, you do not have HIV.  You can forget about this bad experience and go get married without concern.  EWH
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Thank you very much dr. i think now is the time to forget it. it is not easy to have such scenario indeed. But i believe the time is to forget it now. i do not have HIV.

Thank you EWH.
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I had a protected (only) with a CSW in Singapore and it didnt last for even 5-10 Secs. and after when i ejaculated the was also not or anything else. Few symptoms put me in worry like diarrea like condition for over 2 weeks and then I tested at six week and another at 13 weeks mark for Anti HIV & P24. the results were as

Six Week
Anti HIV 1&2 tested Value 0.28 - Negative < 1
P24 CORE PROTEIN  tested Value 0.28 - Negative < 1

13 Week
Anti HIV 1&2 tested Value 0.40 - Negative < 1
P24 CORE PROTEIN tested Value 0.40 - Negative < 1

Why the increase in test values. is this seroconversion?

Please help and advise what should i do as i have gone mad with this

need help


I am under pressure of Marriage and I am unable to make up my mind ....I am in Pakistan.....i am unable to get HIV off my mind...please help
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You only get one answer and you got it.  Dr. Handsfield and I share the site, we always agree in our recommendations.  You still do not have HIV.  No further questions please.  EWH
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