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HIV symptoms / test results

Hi Doctor,
I have unprotected sex 9 weeks ago.
51/2 weeks after the exposure. I started feeling itch all over my body, night sweats, burning red rash over my palms, extreme fatigue. I stayed home for three days. Then I had diarrhea and gases for a week. Then the itch over my body started again with red rashes over my chesk and hands. sometimes it disappear and sometimes it turn brown.
I went to a my family doctor one week after the symptoms started he said it is a viral infection and it will go in a week but anyway he order some blood tests. I did HIV ICMA test. The result says HIV 1/0/2 abs index  is < 1 and HIV ab is negative
It is not almost 9 weeks after sexual exposure and it still have the itch and rash over my body and a cold sore on my lip.
My questions are:
Is it HIV symptoms?
Is HIV antibody test is conclusive after almost 7 weeks of exposure and 1 week from symptoms ?
Do I need to repeat the test again or I shouldnt worry?
Please advice what to do.
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I'll try to help.  But I'm going to be brief, since essentially the same questions have been asked and answered hundreds of times on this forum.

Symptoms never are useful indicators of new HIV infections, because other things, much more common than HIV, cause the same symptoms.  A negative antibody test amore than 5-6 weeks after exposure always is more accurate than symptoms.  Blood tests tell the truth, and symptoms usually do not.  And your symptoms don't sound like HIV anyway.  But even if they did, your test results indicate that something else was the cause.

So the direct answers are: 1) No, your symptoms are not due to HIV.  2) Except in unusual (very high risk) situations, HIV antibody tests are conclusive after 7 weeks, regardless of symptoms.

3) Should you retest?  Probably no, but the nature of your "high risk" exposure make a difference.  If in doubt, see a health care provider then follow his or her advice.  Even if s/he recommends a 3 month test, you can be certain the result also will be negative.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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