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HIV symptoms

Hi doctors, i understand that symptoms can be very unspecific to HIV but i have been having huge anxiety. I am 18 and had sex with another 18 year old unprotected vaginal-penile four months ago.  I was a virgin so i bled alittle ( i dunno if that matters ). It was only one time and i live in the U.S. which I know makes my chances slimmer.  A couple days after I got a cough and stuffy nose and went to the doctor who gave me an antibiotic that made my symptoms go away. About a month after having sex I got a small red, macular rash on my chest that went away within a day, I had no other symptoms that I can recall.  However, ever since then i have been getting small, circular red rashes on my thighs and underarms that come about every two weeks, I do not have any other symptoms with these rashes they come and go on there own.  My only other suggestion is from Yaz birth control ( but i have been on that for 7 months). I have not gotten tested because i know the chances are low for having sex only once even if he is hiv positive ( i have no idea).  Please let me know so i can shake this feeling off, thank you!!

My questions are as follows:
1) can ars rash come after you had cold symptoms and they went away? does ars rash come by itself?
2) what are my chances that I have HIV? are my symptoms typical of ars?
3) could my rashes be caused from birth control if i also have gotten side pain since ive started it?
4) do people have symptoms during the latent stage of HIV?
5) What percentage of people get ars symptoms?
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Welcome to the forum.  But please calm down.  You're obviously anxious and overreacting out of an emotional reaction to your first sexual encounter.  Your fears also might be inflated because you have an inaccurate understanding of HIV risks -- maybe because of biased information you have received in health education classes.  But please trust me on this:  assuming you are in the US or other industrialized country, the chance you caught HIV is almost zero.  And your rash doesn't sound at all like HIV anyway.

At age 18, and mature enough to be sexually active, it is time to start thinking and behaving like an adult.  (I don't mean that as condescending or critical.  It's just a fact.)  You are wasting your time, energy, and now your money (your posting fee) by trying to figure out the cause of a rash by repeated posting online.  You have been asking questions on the symptoms forum and the HIV community forum since July.  You don't have an answer yet.  I cannot provide one either. Your ONLY chance of knowing the cause of your rash is to see your doctor or clinic, preferably when the rash is present.

To your specific questions:

1) No, rash is never the only symptom of HIV/ARS; and ARS rash does not come and go.

2) Almost zero chance and no, your symptoms do not suggest HIV.

3) A large number of medical conditions, mostly not serious at all, could cause such symptoms.

4) People may or may not have symptoms.  Yours don't suggest HIV.

5) Most people with new HIV infection get symptoms.  But the vast majority of people with symptoms -- even when symptoms are typical for ARS (which yours are not) -- have other things wrong.  The symptoms of ARS are identical to those of a hundred other minor viruses and other medical conditions.

See a health care provider.  That's what people do when they have symptoms that concern them.  Have an HIV test for reassurance; it will be negative.  Please return to let me know the result.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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okay thank you, im sorry for overreacting to this, It was stupid of me to have unprotected sex in the first place. I just had too much anxiety and wanted to know your opinion.  Anyways ill let you know the result thank you.
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Well, don't beat yourself over the head; "stupid" is a bit strong.  Do get in the condom habit, but don't let your fears get in the way of expressing your sexuality in healthy ways.

I'm looking forward to hearing when you get your negative HIV test result.  (While you're at it, also get tested for common STDs, especially chlamydia.)
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okay thank you so much, im hoping everything comes back negative.  And ill let you know how it goes
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i just have one more question, i know i should stop being paranoid but i just wanted to know what the ars rash looked like? does it just look like any other virus rash? i tried looking at pictures online but different rashes keep coming up.
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I forgot to say that i get canker sores with these rashes.. any difference?
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