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HIV test accuracy

Hello Dr.
I am a 23 yr old wife and mother. In 2006, i had split with my boyfriend for 3 months, April-July 1st 2006. Within this time i had become a wreck. During this time I had unprotected vaginal intercourse with about 8 different guys. My last encounter with any of these men was about June 23 2006. I asked these men if they had HIV or ever tested. they all said they didnt have it and some had tested recently (what they said, no proof). Shortly after that i got back with my boyfriend. In July i became pregnant, with our Son. As is routine with pregnancy i got an hiv test sometime in September 2006 or late August 2006, so it was about 8-10 weeks post exposure. This test came back negative. Then in October 2006 or November 2006 i got life insurance and took an Omni-Sal hiv test. My boyfriend got the Omni-Sal 6 months after we were intimite, that was also neg. I hear these are not in the US (i live in the Bahamas), they placed the test stick in my mouth under my tongue to collect the saliva, then sealed it to send to the lab. I got approved for the insurance so i guess the test was negative. Now, Just last week i took another Omni-Sal test since i am upgrading my insurance. I also recently got a canker sore under my tongue, which got me worried again after 2 years!

My questions are: How accurate do you believe my negative test was after 8-10 weeks considering my exposure? I didnt take another at 3 months since testing (with blood) is VERY expensive here ($300) and i don't have that money. Is it common to become positive after a 6-8 week test comes back negative, if you didnt expose yourself to hiv during this time. Also, how accurate do you believe the Omni-Sal is? From what i read, they are common in 3rd world contries and are as effective as others. Do you think after almost 4 months the omni-sal would be accurate? Also, what about the Omni-Sal test after 2 years?

thank you in advance Dr.

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You have nothing to worry about.  At 8 weeks  following exposure 98-99% of HIV tests that are going to be positive will be.  As a result, you can be confident that you do not have HIV.  The tests performed at 8 weeks suggest that you were not infected and all of the tests since then prove it.  As far as the test, while I am not familiar with this particular test, I am sure that the insurance company would not use a test that they could not rely on.  You have nothing to worry about- you do not have HIV.

In the face of your negative tests, you do not need to worry that you anemia and elevated while blood cell count were the result of HIV.  EWH
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Also, Dr, i forgot to add that in February 2007, the dr saw that i had a high white blood count and was  very anemic, i asked him about hiv and he told me that it would be the opposite and i need not worry about it being about that. Is this true?
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Thank you very much for your reply. This will be my final post, and i just want to reconfirm please.

1) Even though i could not get tested at 3+ months, the 8-10 week results were good enough indicator? Would the amount of guys ive been with make a difference in my test?
2) My 4 month Omni-Sal test was confirming it? An insurance company would not use a test they could not trust, so my test was accuratly stating i did not have HIV.
3)My elevated wbc and low rbc were not due to HIV?
4)The Omni-Sal test i took last week (2 years since last test) should most likly be neg.?

And the final question: How often do you see people who come and test negative at 6 weeks and then at 3 months (12 weeks) test positive? And how long have you been testing?

Thank you very much Dr Hook!
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Yes, you read my comments correctly, I will not repeat them other than to say that you do not have HIV.  Stop worrying.

As for whether or not I have ever seen a person become positive after a negative 12 week test- the answer is no, I never have.  I find your question as to how long I've been testing a bit silly--personal experience is only a part of where the data I speak of comes from.  Part of my job is to keep up with recent developments in the world of STD and HIV prevention.  that said, I have been testing patients for HIV since the beginning of the epidemic.  EWH
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Thank you. I didnt mean to offend with my question, i think it came out wrong. I wasnt questioning your expertise. I was just wondering how long you were testing , so if you said 20 years and never saw a neg turn into a positive, then i really know that its very very rare. Sorry if i offended and thank you very much for your answers and time. Everything that pops up, i get scared. My husband has 2 canker sores now and i just got another, so now im scared a bit, but im just trying to put it out my mind.

Once again thank you.
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Dr, would years of bulimia weaken my immune system to the point of not being able to detect antibodies until the 6 month mark? Or would the 3 month conclusive still apply?
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