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HIV test one year post risk

Hi Doctor,

I wanted to post here to ease my mind about something I did have unprotected sex with my boyfriend now ex when we dated a while back and asked him about his HIV status and he told me he did not have HIV and that he has only been with one other person and they did not have HIV either. I had protected sex a few times with another guy I was dating (again a while ago after I split with my ex) the condom did not break and we used one every time correctly. Due to worry and to do the right thing I had an HIV test over a year later after risk. The HIV test was a blood test for antibodies and the test was negative. I have looked around this forum but not seen anything on getting tested one year after a risk. I found this forum very helpful and it is great that it is here for people. So, my basic question is can I trust my negative result when I tested a year after my post risk? I waited to year to ensure I would not have to go thru testing again so I just wanted to get some reassurance from doctor very familiar with HIV.

Thank you for everything you do
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Reacting only to the title you chose for your question:  A negative HIV test a year after the past possible exposure is proof positive a person doesn't have HIV.  It is unlikley that the information in the question itself is going to change that reply.

Now I have read the question.  It's hard for me to imagine that you actually had trouble finding relevant information on this forum.  There are innumerable discussions that testing is always reliable at 3 months and usually by 6-8 weeks, especially in low risk situations like yours.  So of course a negative test is also reliable at 1 year.

Bottom line:  Relax, you don't have it.  You don't need further testing.

Best wishes--   HHH, MD
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