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HIV test reliability


First of all forgive me for asking two questions in such close chronological proximity to one another.

It is mentioned often in the archives that no medical condition or drug alters the reliability of an HIV test. Last week I asked a more specific question about the possibility of hepatitis causing an hiv test to be inaccurate. I should have been more clear because my question in a more generally applicable sense is:

Can the simultaneous infection of hiv plus any other or other(s) std during one sexual encounter (what i mean is that someone catches HIV and herpes, chlamydia etc.,  because of the SAME sexual episode) cause HIV tests to be less accurate. I think the technical way of putting this question is if HIV seroconversion would be delayed due to a simultaneous infection with another std.

I have Negative HIV tests at 4 and 5 months, would these be innacurate if I caught another std from the same episode?
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Whether you want a scientific or non-scientific answer, the answer remains no.  The immune system has the capacity to react to many stimuli simultaneously so, if you were to get HIV and another STD at the same time, you would expect the HIV test to be equally reliable.  In fact, I've seen unfortunate patients who have gotten HIV and two other STDs.  The HIV test still performed properly, without delay.  If you have negative HIV tests at 4 and 5 months (well beyond the recommended 3 month period to be completely sure of your results), you should believe them.  

In that this is your second post in a brief period, please also remember that clients are allowed only two questions within a six month period.  I hope this addresses your concerns.  EWH
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Thank you for your support and understanding.
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