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Have I infected my beautiful wife?


My risk, unprotected Vaginal sex

Tested 6, 21 days 6, 10 weeks all with duo.. 13 week Hiv Insti.

"Symptoms" lymph up behind my ear, possible epitrochlear swelling (physio thinks prob golfers elbow). Ive had under arm pain (maybe from poking) and have a small lymph up in my neck (possibly from mumps) Im aware that viral illnesses can often leave the body with a harmless lymphandepothy that takes months to resolve. Correct? Ive been feeling a stabbing in my big toe recenty (not felt it today though)

Been reassured I am certainly negative! Been getting along ok fine..

Just offered wife a shoulder rub, she is covered in a red blotchy rash it looks quite aggresive!! (shoulders, neck, under arms, groin, belly, few dots on chest). She has no fever or anything. She thinks its an allergic reaction too some food. She was feeling itchy yesterday on the legs. I have just noticed the rash spreading around her eyes also! Reall really really concerned for her..

1. Can I have HIV?
2. Can my wifes rash be HIV related or is it impossible?
3. Is the harmless lymphandapathy after a mumps style illness true?
4. Is my testing complete?

In your opinion, what is the liklihood all my tests were wrong and my wife is now presenting with an HIV related rash?

I make light of this but when I found the rash I almost collapsed. I care immensley for my wife.

Im dying here,

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We have the right to delete questions which are repetitive and which are of no value to our clients.  These questions qualify on obth counts. I will provide this single answer and no more.  If fuirther questions are asked, the entire thread will be deleted.

You do not have HIV!  You need to believe your tests.  These anxiety-driven questions are essentially repeats of questions that you have asked of me and on the HIV Prevention Community site.  The answer remains, you do not have HIV.  The tests are incorrect.  Your wife's rash is not due to HIV which you transmitted to her in the face of negative tests.  
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