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HepC/HIV con-infection?

Dr. HHH,

Apologize but lost my access to my previous e-mail. Therefore I had to create a new account. I wrote you on March 1st 2013 (Carhs1) ref: unprotected exposure with AA CSW while traveling in Europe. You recomended against additional testing -based on the testing I had. Since our thread ended, I felt much better (symptoms improved), I did continue to have an annoying RUQ discomfort so today I had a set of labs (LFTs and HepC Ab IA in blood). The LFTs came back elevated (AST84/ALT126). Normal here 7-40 for AST and 5-50 for ALT. My LDH remains elevated at 237 (ULN is 220). No Ab results yet. This obviously has me extremely worry for Hep C and/or for a possible co-infection with HIV. Please help me define what I need to do. Is the elevation of LFTs suggestive of Hep C ? can I have HIV as well if I was co-infected with both viruses and the HIV AB 1&2 at day 82 post exposure missed it. Thx
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Welcome back to the forum.

Unfortunately, I can't help much.  This isn't the right forum for questions about hepatitis in general or hepatitis C in particular, which is rarely sexually transmitted (and not properly considered an STD).  All I can say is that your test results seem consistent with a significant liver problem -- but based on the available results it isn't possible to judge the cause.  It could be viral hepatitis, but there are many other possibilities as well.  You definitely need to see a doctor or clinic right away.  Do not continue any further efforts to learn more online and do not have any other lab testing on your own.  This needs urgent personal health care.

Even if you have viral hepatitis, I doubt it is hepatitis C from the sexual exposure you asked about in your other thread.  As implied above, the hepatitis C virus is rarely heterosexually transmitted. Apparently you didn't request hepatitis B testing?  That's far more likely to be sexually acquired.

None of this has any bearing on HIV.  Testing for HIV is not influenced by hepatitis, abnormal liver function tests, or any other infection.  Your negative HIV tests remain completely reliable.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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Correction:  I see from your previous thread you were tested earlier for hepatitis B and C, and that the sexual exposure you were concerned about occurred 6 months ago.  Whatever the cause of your current liver dysfunction, it has nothing at all to do with that exposure.
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Thank you for your answer and re-review. Not sure why the sistem is not working for me today- Must be my anxiety about this.
You are absolutely correct the encounter was the last weekend of August and my last testing was 12/20/12 which is 82 days post exposure. I tested for both Hep B and C as below
Hep B Core Ab, IgM Negative
Hep B Surface Ab, Qual Negative
Hep B Surface Ag Negative
Hep C Antibody IA Negative

Any my HIV 1&2 Ab screen was also negative. Of interest my LFTs then were normal but my LDH was elevated at 242
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Dr HHH- IN my previous post it was not August. Last weekend of September 2012 instead. Everything else is correct. Thx
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Once again my most sincere apologies. I dont pretend to annoy you. My Hep C Antibody IA from today my 180 day post exposure. I did not repeat the HbV testing today. While I get a medical appointment, do you think getting a Hep C RNA or repeating other Hep B testing is needed?
I retested for HIV 1&2 today as well. These results are pending.
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When you make an appointment, you should not request any specific tests.  Just tell your story and show your lab results to the doctor then follow his or her advice.

I have no other comments or advice, and will not have anything more to say about any other test results for HIV or anything else.  It is time to stop testing yourself for anything; to disregard the sexual exposure you are so obsessed with; and to stop relying on this or any other online resource for your health care.  We provide only general advice, not actual diagnosis or treatment recommendations.
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Thank you Dr HHH. Although I completely understand your position now, I still hope that i can rely on the recommendations you provided earlier- based on the information I provided to you in my two threads. It is obvious i am Extremely nervous as i have resumed unprotected sex with my partner, something you thought was appropriate to do.
Thank you gain for your interest, expertise and willing to share your knowledge in this website
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