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Hiv Risks


I'm a 35 year old guy, who hasn't had a sex partner in about a year. A month ago, I recieved unprotected oral sex from a massage parlor girl.

About a week later, I got a UTI. Got it tested, it wasn't Ghonorrea or Syphillis, but I had it treated by my doctor with anti biotics and it went away.

Got tested at three weeks with the oraquick test, and they used a blood sample instead of a cheeck swab. It came out negative.

Now a week later, I'm imagining every little thing is a HIV symptom. If my three week Oraquick came back negative, it is possible to show symptoms? I guess what i'm asking, is can you show symptoms with a negative antibody test?

I fingered the girl lightly around the outside of her vagina as well by the way.

Thank you sir.
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HIV is almost never acquired by receiving a oral sex.  Some experts would delete the "almost" and say it just never occurs; certainly there are few if any proved cases.  The numerical risk has been calculated at 1 chance in 20,000, if your partner had HIV--which is unlikely.  To put that into perspective, if you received a BJ by an HIV-infected person once a day, you could go 55 years before being infected.  The exact numbers are only rough guesstimates, but you get the idea.  Anyway, the chance your massage partner has HIV probably is under 1%--which makes the odds 1 in 200,000 and the theoretical time to transmission 550 years.

You didn't get a urinary tract infection as the term is normally used; UTIs are very rare in healthy younger men. You probably had nongonococcal urethritis (NGU), which can be acquired by oral sex; some providers not experienced in STD might call it a UTI, however.  NGU is an STD, but many cases probably are due to normal oral bacteria that cause inflammation when then get in the urethra.

A 3 week HIV test is moderately reassuring; probably 60% of infected people would be positive by then; the symptoms make no difference.  Your risk is so low that I actually would not have recommended HIV testing, except for anxiety relief.  But you're obviously soneone with exactly that need, so have another HIV test 6 weeks after the event.  You can be sure of a negative result.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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You never had a risk.  There has never been a documented case since hiv came out over 25 years ago.  The 1 in 20000 estimate for risk is based on gueses and not on actual data because there has never been anyone proved to be infected this way
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hey i keep hearing that is is almost impossible for a women to give hiv to a guy would it chance the odds if the girl was on top i would just like to know thank u
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Jsut to be clear, if you had a valid HIV caused symptom, like diahhrea, but had a 4 week negative oraquick, the two aren't conencted.

To me, it makes sense that if I'm having symptoms that WERE actually caused by HIV (which I'm certain at this point arent), i'd be having a positive antibody test.

This is a great honest site. Really appriciate it. Why is the info on so many other sites seem geared to convince you you DO have HIV? To make you get tested i guess?
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