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Hiv and French Kissing

Dear Dr.,
a couple of months ago I french kissed a guy (on two occasions, not for long) who is hiv positive. No other contact occurred and I did not assume that this posed a risk for hiv transmission but I've recently come across advice on internet sites where they see some potential for transmission, on one such site (thebody.com) one of the experts even advised testing adding that a negative test result would only be reliable in the case of French kissing after 6 months. This has got me quite confused. I have always exclusively practised safe sex (and as a general rule do yearly check-ups which include hiv testing) and I'm just wondering if you would advise hiv testing because of this kind of exposure, and if so, after how much time after the exposure, to me it feels like 6 months is too much time.
Thank you for your time and effort.
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Welcome to the Forum.  While we do not debate with other internet sites on these Forums, I strongly disagree with the information you have received.  Kissing, including French kissing is a safe activity and to my knowledge there are NO cases of HIV transmission through kissing of any sort. This includes kissing if there is blood in a person's mouth, with mouth sores on one or body participants or in persons with gum disease or recent dental work.  

Further, the recommendation that a person must wait 6 months before they can get a definitive HIV test results to make sure they are not infected as also clearly out of date as well.  If you have access to DUO (combined p24 antigen/HIV antibody) tests, results are definitive at 4 weeks. If you only have access to HIV antibody tests, then results for virtually everyone are definitive at 8 weeks

I hope this clarifies thins. My sense is that sometimes people offer "advice" of the sort you mention because transmission could "theoretically" occur.  My sense is that this sort of theoretical likelihood is about the same as the theoretical likelihood you'll be struck by a meteor while reading my replay.

Take care. EWH
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