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Hiv exposure risk, and my symptoms

I have posted a few times about my risk to exposure, and was given an answer that I had no risk.  Here is my story.  I went to a strip club and got unprotected oral sex from a stripper, she also rubbed her vagina against my penis.  When I got home that night I noticed little tiny blood drops on my shirt where I was getting oral.  I did not have sexual intercourse with the female.  I am wondering if her blood get into my urethra could I have gotten HIV?  and what do you think my risk of exposure was?  Also this incident occurred about  4 1/2 weeks ago.  Here are my symptoms, First I started out with a slightly sore throat, went to the doctor and he said my lymph node under the left side of my neck was a little swollen.  I can also feel my lymph node in my groin on both sides.  The one on my left is twice the size of the one on my right.  The one on the left is right at the crease where the leg meets the upper body.  It does not hurt to touch or, nor does the one on the right.  The one of the right side seems to be alot harder though.  Right around the time I got a sore throat I got a rash.  It was pink-reddish and small spots, and mostly on my chest, some on my shoulders. I have pictures of the rash which I will put links to on the bottom.  The rash itself does not really have to many whiteheads, although there are a few, very very tiny whiteheads.  For the most part it is pink-reddish and is non itchy and seems to be coming and going in some spots.  In certain spots it has very tiny dark red spots, only about 4 or 5 of those, which you can see unless you look closely.
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You seem convinced that you have HIV despite my assurances that your exposure was a no risk exposure and despite the fact that you have been told on the dermatology forum that your rash is folliculitis.  You now repeat the question.  You will get the same answer, perhaps with a slightly different spin, but it is the same answer. I suspect that your anxciety is getting the bast of you.

Your exposure was a no risk exposure.  

Your symptoms are non-specific.  Only a minority of persons who get HIV have ARS (which is basically a flu-like syndrome which occurs during a minority of HIV seroconversions) while over 99% of persons who develop flu-like symptoms have been found to not be experiencing ARS but a viral syndrome form some other cause.  The causes of sore throat, as for the causes of rashes are too numerous to count.  

So what should you do?  You do not take my advice or that of the dermatologist.   I do not wish to argue with you.  Go get a single HIV test.  Now, at 4 weeks following your encounter, about 85-90% of tests that are going to be positive will be.  Hopefully this, along with multiple professional opinions will allow you to put his behind you.  

Finally, two other points.  The reason for the character limit is to encourage people to be concise.  You have violated the forum rules.  Please do not do so further.   And lastly, clients are allowed 2 posts in a six month period.  We will run this one through but please be aware that following completion of this thread, no further new questions will be accepted for 3 months.

I hope this will help you to put this behind you.  EWH
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I posted my pictures in the dermatology forum but the doc said I had folliculitis.  I read up on folliculitis and it doesn't really seem to match the type of rash I have .I am fatigued, but that is do to me constantly worrying about my situation, and I  also have a horrible sleep schedule.  I will admit I am constantly googling "early hiv symptoms" and other things like that.  My sore throat does not really hurt that much during the day, but when I wake up it hurts for a little.  The inside of my mouth seems to be getting dead skin right around the edges of the inside my mouth, tonight I think i noticed a very tiny ulcer on inside my bottom lip. http://i337.photobucket.com/albums/n394/toenail1234/chest4.jpg

just copy and paste the links into your browser

All of this has me very concerned.  Should I be concerned? Or do you think I am bringing these symptoms upon myself because of the stress I am under?

It would not let me post all my question due to the links- sorry about the two posts
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Quick Follow up, I got my 20 min blood test today.  Its been 5 weeks since my NO RISK exposure and I tested Negative.  The person who tested me said It that at 3 months its conclusive.  My question is Do you see any reason for me to go back and get another test?
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No.  As I said, you did not need testing to start with.  Now you have information at a time when 85-90% of tests that are going to be positive will be.   The answer you got when you were testing awas the stock answer given to everyone.  My assessment is based on your exposure and the context in which you were tested.  EWH
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