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Hiv fear

One and half year ago I received a blow job and hand job from Russian prostitute.
She put condom wiht her mouth and then she gave me brief blow job and after that proceeded to hand job.
Couple of weeks after I had some burning sensation during peeing but It went away. About 10 weeks after I had some strange influenza kind of sickness but it went away after one week.
Now, one and half years after I have had lots of symptoms and I'm afraid that I have caught HIV-
My symptoms are:
White coating on tongue and mouth pain
nail fungus
lack of sweating and dry mouth
mouth ulcers
hand shaking
I have been really stressed during two last months and I have done four antibody tests: first in the beginning of April and last in the beginning of May. First one was antibody test and three others DUO tests.

I can't stop worrying and seeking symptoms from my body and from the web and it seems that every single symptom matches.

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Welcome to the forum.

The important information in your question is the negative results of your HIV tests.  Test results always overrule symptoms and exposure history. Even if you had a high risk exposure (you did not, since oral sex rarely if ever transmits HIV and hand-genital contact for sure is zero risk) and if your symptoms were typical for ARS (they are not), your negative test results prove for sure you do not have HIV.

The reason that "every symptom matches" HIV is because HIV symptoms are pretty much the same as those of hundreds of other common medical conditions.  Symptom lists are to be ignored.  It is the pattern of symptoms -- how and when they occur, with and without other symptoms, that sometimes can suggest an HIV infection.  But the individual symptoms never do.

So my advice is that you stop searching the web about this.  Accept the scientific evidence, both of your non-risk to start with plus the test results, and stop worrying about HIV.  If your symptoms continue or you otherwise remain concerned, see a doctor about them to learn the cause and possible treatment.  I repeat that they definitely are not due to HIV.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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Thanks for answering.
I have lost some muscle mass (I don't know if it is due to continuous stress, I used to exercise a lot but now I haven't been doing any exercises) and I'm afraid that it is some rare HIV strain affecting my body and antibody test doesn't detect it or my body is not producing any.
If sex worker had herpes on her lip does it increase my risk a lot?
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This information does not change my opinion or advice.  The idea of HIV strains not detected by the standard tests you had is an urban myth.  Do your best to accept the unequivocal evidence that you don't have HIV and the science-based reassurance you have had, probably from your own doctors and now from me as well.
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So I can take my 1 and half years after exposure tests 100% conclusive and move on?
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Will it really make a difference if I say it again using different words?  I haven't changed my mind in the past few minutes!

This thread is over.  Move on.
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Had to done fifth CMIA ab/ag test and it was negative. Still sttange symptoms:
Numbness and feet
White tongue and pain
Lost power from arms and legs
Lots of new mole
Foamy urine
Nail fumgus
Dry palms

Sick of testing,
Just want to move on. But so hard due to symptoms. Cant help thinking if I'm at late stage and tests not working.c
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