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Hiv from a needle or a kiss

I went out in the city and meet a female. We ended back at her place and slept. There was no sex just cuddling. The problem is that when I woke up in the morning I stepped on something on the floor by the bed and it stabbed me in the foot. It hurt and my heal was bleeding out a small pin hole size wound. There was cloths on the floor so I didn't really see what it was I stepped on. Later I noticed a needle uncapped on the dresser of her room. I freaked out thinking maybe I too stepped on a needle. I asked her if she had ever been tested for hiv and she said never. The girl was relatively loose as I would call it and I'm worried of the possibility of contracting hiv from a needle stick in the foot.

I experience all the tell tale signs and symptoms of the infection roughly 13 days post exposure. Ie: sore throat, rash on neck and chest, pains, night sweats, Mild fever, swollen glands... Etc.

I'm certain I'm infected. It's been 6 months since and def to late to do anything about it. I'm terrified.

The only other incident was that we were kissing heavily that night. I had a sore in my mouth that kept oozing I guess you could call it. Wouldn't stop bleeding fully. At one point during the kissing I thought I tasted blood. I don't know the condition of her mouth health. However, if she were bleeding could it have transmitted to me through the open sore in my mouth? The open wound is near my front lip. This would have been in contact with her during the kissing.
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Welcome to the forum.  Thanks for your question.  I reviewed your discussion on the community forum.  I understand why you are concerned.

On the other forum, you said you did a home HIV test that was positive.  Why didn't you mention it here?  However, if I correctly understand, it was not the approved home self test done in the US.  Please tell me the exact test that was done -- the brand name and the country you are in.

If we ignore your apparent positive test, I would say you were at extremely low risk, probably no risk at all.  Even though an accidental injury with a used needle could theoretically transmit HIV, to my knowledge this has never been reported to have actually occurred.  The cuddling and kissing were risk free, even if your partner had HIV.  Your symptoms a couple of weeks later sound pretty good for a new HIV infection.  This isn't necessarily alarming; even typical ARS symptoms usually are due to other health problems, mostly minor ones.

The positive test results suggests you are infected with HIV, but it could be a false positive.  As you were also told on the other forum, all positive initial HIV test results must be confirmed by further testing, usually with Western blot.  You need to see a doctor or clinic right away and get retested, both with another ELISA or other standard blood test, and a Western blot.

If you turn out to have HIV, it won't necessarily be from the events described above.  Anyway, let me know the details of your test so far, and please return with a follow-up comment to let me know the result after you have been professionally evaluated and have had repeat testing.

Best regards--  HHH, MD
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So there's no way I could have contracted hiv from the events I listed? Teak claims zero risk.  I'm just worried because the symptoms that appeared following the incident. No one has ever been infected in these manners described? It would make sense since possible blood to blood exchange could have occurred. What about the fact that I tasted blood during the kissing. Also, had an open sore that was slightly oozeing all night near my front teeth. The girl could have had a high viral load.
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I already said I agree the exposures were low risk, even with the additional details in this comment.  However, we have to deal with the positive test result.  And I already said that if you do have it, you may have been infected at some other time, maybe years ago.

Please answer my questions about where you are and exactly what HIV test was done.  Otherwise I will have no other comments or advice.
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Apparently I messed the at home test up according to Vance. I made appointment this morning and went to have western blot done this afternoon. However, it will take around a week to get the results. I had a full std panel done in jan 2013 and tested negative for everything. Haven't had intercourse since and was in a long term relationship prior. Went out 6 months ago and this is when these events described happened.

I just get worried cause you say there was some risk even though it may be low. There is still a risk. Why does teak, Vance and nurse girl all just jump to "NO RISK".
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So no one has ever tested positive from deep kissing of any type (blood and open sores included). Also, no one has ever tested positive to hiv from a needle poke. Therefore, if I test positive. I would be the first from these types of events.
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You're splitting hairs.  There are many exposures that could theoretically result in HIV transmission but have never been known to do so, or only very rarely.  Sometimes we'll call thsem "no risk" even though a theoretical, small risk may exist.  I might also tell you that there is no risk you'll be hit by a meteorite someday, but you would understand that it could still happen.

You also are ignoring my requests for information to help me give you better advice.  You still have not said where you are or exactly what test you did at home.

You should not go to a clinic and request a Western blot test.  Just tell them your story and have the test(s) they recommend.  You should start with another standard antibody test (ELISA etc) or a duo/combo test for HIV antibody and p24 antigen.
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