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Immune system and testing

Dr H,

You have been amazing, so thank you.

My test results:

*20 days after exposure PCR DNA test (negative)
*20 days after exposure antibody test confirmed with western blot (negative)
*25 days after exposure CBC (all normal, slightly low esonophils)
*42 days after exposure rapid unigold test (negative)
*42 days after exposure antibody / western blot (negative)
*56 days after exposure / 8 weeks rapid unigold (negative)

I recognize that insertive oral sex is a no risk activity but the conflicting information out there makes me very anxious. additionally I have received negative feedback on the DNA pcr test which also makes it harder for me to accept my test results.

I have had diahrrea / loose stools since 8 days post exposure and that has not really stopped throughout. No fever, moderate sore / tight throat and a rash on my backside for roughly 3 days about 14 days post exposure. Could this be ARS? The diarrea and low esonophils are making me anxious and it would help to hear that low esonophils and the lagging diahhrea do not make you feel like I could be that one in 20,000. Could low esonophils interfere with my antibodies / immune system? I am asking here vs researching and self diagnosing because that makes me more anxious. All my other blood work was normal...

Do low esonophils indicate a compromised immune system?
How reliable is my eight week rapid antiboddy test?
How often does the eight week negative change?
Does re elongated diahrrea and tight throat concern you with regard to HIV or ARS?

I want to resume sex with my regular partner and have abstained for two months to protect her...

You two are god sent for what you do. I have learned my lesson and want to move on...

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Your previous thread was forcibly terminated because you refused to accept the advice you were given; my last comment was "There are simply no circumstances that can make it possible you caught HIV during the exposure you describe.  Ignore all 'yes but' or 'what if' questions or thoughts that enter your mind (and for sure don't ask them on this forum), and stop looking for more information about it.  Accept the truth that you aren't infected and move on."

That remains the case, and these are exactly the sort of "yes but" and "what if" questions I warned about. Your test results are 100% reliable and prove you did not catch HIV.  You can safetly have unprotected sex with your regular partner.

There will be no follow-up comments or discussion on this thread; if you try, the entire thread will be immediately deleted.  Also note the MedHelp rules that permits a maximum of 2 questions every 6 months on the professionally moderated forums.  You may not post a new question before Oct. 20; if you do, it will be deleted without reply and without refund of the posting fee.

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