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Is Further Testing Necessary?

Hi Dr. Hook / Dr. HHH

First of all, I hope you are not annoyed that I am asking a similar type question that I posted to this forum on February, 3rd. of this year.  I honestly need your reassurance for my own peace of mind.

I had two oral exposures in Las Vegas 4 weeks ago.  One episode I was the receiving partner and another episode I was both the receiving and giving partner.  The episode where I was both the receiving and giving partner, there was no ejaculation in either of our mouths.

I realize oral sex carries negligible risk in terms of HIV.  However, I can't help but get tested because of the "WHAT IF" type worries (i.e. What if I am the 1 in 10,000?).  

I got tested last week at 3 weeks and as expected, the result was negative.  Should I get a test at 6 weeks to be 100% sure I did not acquire HIV?

I am very frustrated right now, because I have been diagnosed with strep throat 4 times this year since January.  I'm sure there is no correlation between recently acquired HIV and strep throat, but I can't help but worry if there is some sort of relationship between the two.....

Thank you again for your time and expert medical advice.
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Welcome back to the Forum.  I won't be upset with you asking a similar question as I do understand that you are struggling with OCD.  At the same time, my answers have not changed.  Let's work through your questions:

As you know from our prior interactions your risk of infection is vanishingly low if your partner was infected and it is also unlikely that was the case.  Further, your negative test at 3 weeks makes the risk lower still since a 3 week test would detect somewhere between 50 and 90% of recent infections.  Thus this is not something to be worried about.  Personally, I would not worry and would not re-test.  My advice to you however, acknowledging your struggle with OCD, is that this is a good opportunity to work through this with your therapist.  I would discuss the issue of re-testing with him/her.

Should you choose to re-test, I am confident the result will be negative. EWH
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Thank you Dr. Hook.
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