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Lancet- HCV/HIV risk

Hello Doctor,I think I am coming on the forum after an year or so, my old email account is deactivated and that had all my passwords. I used the forum regarding some hiv questions, was quite a hypochondriac and suffered from severe ocd , very relaxed and consider myself cured  from the ocd now.
I adopted a healthy lifestyle with exercise and natural diet few months back,went to my aunt's place yest. She had this personal blood glucose kit, I was just curious regarding my blood sugar, if it was normal/healthy considering my recent diet changes...She said she had fresh disposable lancets and testing strips, saw them and verified them myself, they were fresh and in a large quantity in plastic bags.The digital meter was one that she uses always.I thought I took all the precautions i needed to take.I took one new lancet out,took the plastic lid off it, took a new strip out, put it in the digital meter.put the new lancet in and loaded the pen and pricked my finger, no blood came out, i squeezed my finger tip and some fresh red blood came and i put it on the strip and got my reading...
then washed my hands with soap and disposed off with everything.Was just talking to my mom today,she freaked out and told me my aunt has hepatitis C and why would I do this.I never knew and now I am pissed at my aunt,i feel stupid too.mom wants me to test immediately, i don't want to considering i took all the precautions..
The only concern I have and it is true is that the lancet pen cover was the same, and i remember now that their was some dry blood on it/nothing fresh, but my aunt may have used the pen i dont know how many hours back...I am 24/male in a healthy sincere relationship with my girlfriend for many months now and doing very well mentally. Just wanted to confirm if i should be worried about Hepatitis, Hiv i have no concern,lancet is not a means of hiv trans,virus is killed the second its exposed to air. No expert hcv forum here,you have the qualifications to answer my q
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Welcome to our Forum.  I think that your mother is over reacting.  As long as you used a fresh lancet, you are not at risk for acquiring hepatitis C even if another person with hepatitis C had used the reader immediately before you did.  Hepatitis C has received a lot of attention of late and there is much concern over it.  In the situation you describe however, there is no reason to worry.  The lancet and strip were un-used and those were the things that penetrated your body or touched the surface of your wound. Even if there was old blood on the surface of the lancet holder, this does not represent a meaningful threat for you.  I would not worry and see no reason to seek testing for hepatitis C.

I hope my comments are helpful to you. EWH
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