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My risk profile/real risk of HIV

As I have been on here looking through so many questions with answers, I still for peace of mind wanted to just get an idea as to what my real risk would be for catching HIV from a female based on my sexual history.
I am a 33 yr old male and have recently been diagnosed with testicular cancer. Going to a sperm bank as an insurance policy has brought on a great deal of anxiety (yes, anxiety ) due to them testing my blood for STD's including HIV. Since my last HIV test about 2 1/2 or so years ago (have been tested twice in my life), I have had around 9-10 sexual partners all of which I had not had protected sex with. I recall one of the partners as a one time deal, a few others a couple times each including a girl in Japan, and one of which admitted to me she had herpes and assured me that she did not have HIV as she gets/got tested a lot and always has been a blood donor. I have been tested for all STD's (with exception of HIV lately) including HSV-2 and all have been negative. I have never had any kind of sexual relations with a man, nor anyone that has slept with gay/bi men, an IV drug user, or an IV drug user herself. Strong assumption based on my knowledge of these people that none of the aforementioned occurred with anyone. But I guess who knows. I have no reason to believe anyone I have slept with had or was at risk for having HIV including myself.
With this history, I just would like to get your opinion on whether or not you would feel any of this really warrants testing. "For peace of mind with a definitive negative test result", I can accept that. With this cancer, I am just very much on edge and HIV scares me. I read all over the place that F2M transmission is practically zero in our industrialized country.
I realize I fall into the somewhat psychiatric HIV questioning category but again, looking for some peace of mind outside of the testing for now. At times I feel like HIV may have caused my cancer! Anyways, thank you so much for your time and answer.
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Welcome to the HIV forum.

You describe a low risk sexual lifestyle with respect to HIV.  Not zero -- but it is very rare for people with your sort of sexual exposure history to catch HIV (assuming you reside in the US, western Europe, or other industrialized country).  Should you be tested?  As you suggest yourself, it may be a reasonable thing for peace of mind.  If you do it, you certainly can expect a negative result.

Best wishes for a successful outcome of your cancer treatment.  The odds are certainly on your side.

Regards---  HHH, MD
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Thank you for such a quick and assuring reply, Doctor. I do not plan on running out for a test but, will welcome it along with whatever the protocol is at the sperm bank. I will not be as anxious now. Thanks again!
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Doctor I regret asking another question (pertaining to same history). My one japanese unprotected experience. She was not a csw. I just recall getting terribly sick on a plane ride back from japan and I hope it wasn't ars. Would you still say my risk was and is extremely low? I will not ask any other questions. Thanks again.
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HIV is quite uncommon in Japan and your HIV risk remains very low.
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