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Mycoplasma infection?

Hi Doctor,

I am coming to grips with the fact the since all of my HIV tests have turned out negative up to now I probably dont have HIV (Thank God). Im taking another test around 12 weeks to put that fear completely behind me.  In the meantime my woman and I continue to have lingering health issues.  We have lingering Naseu, sore lymph nodes in neck/armpits/ groin, sleep issues, and I have developed a parkinson like tremor in my hands, the night sweats continue. I have read on numerous online sites the symptoms of systemic mycoplasma infection.   A lot of them mimic symtpoms associated with HIV it seems.  I have also read that mycoplasma can be transmited sexually.  It appears to be a rather new discovery and is associated with walking pneumonia/CFS/ and gulf war syndrome.  
1) Can a mycoplasma infections be transmitted sexually?
2) Are there diagnostic tests for Mycoplasma infections? Are they reilable?
3) I have read sites that claim most mycoplasma infection can be treated with long term antibiotic doses. Is that true?
If not is there any other treatment or do you have to live with it forever?
4) Can a mycoplasma infection create these symptoms (Fever/headache/nasuea/vomiting/swollen or sore lymphs/nightsweats/sleep issues/genital irritation/ depresion/rash)  If so in the same time frame as HIV? 2-3 weeks after infectoin?
5) We are planning on having children next year, Is it true this can cause minor-serious complications for child birth?
6) Any possibility this may still be HIV? I had a 9 week negative antibody/DNA PCR.
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You have far too many unnecessary worries about STDs and HIV, based on your many posts in this forum, the STD forum, and various community forums.  This is another one.  And since don't have either HIV or an STD, this is not an appropriate forum for these additional questions.

There are several kinds of mycoplasma and most are simply normal bacteria that inhabit our bodies.  None of them cause the sorts of symptoms you ask about.  There is no possibility you still have HIV.

Dr. Hook ended your last thread on this forum with "There will be no more answers to questions.  It is time for you to move on.  If you can't do this yourself, I urge you to seek the assistance of a mental health professional who can help.  You are not doing yourself any good with these unwarranted worries."

That advice still applies.  Professional counseling clearly is necessary.  Please no further follow-up comments on this thread, and note the MedHelp policy about a maximum of 2 questions every 6 months on the professionally moderated forums (see Terms and Conditions).

Good bye.   HHH, MD
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