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Needle Stick -from Bio-Harzard Dump.

Dear Dr.

I am from  India. I went to a local shoping place for a Laptop.
The Computer shop  was in  first floor and I went to  pass urine in the ground floor  which is  adjcent to a Clinic.
When pass the clinic I felt sharp pain  and when I  
looked down I have seen lots of bio-hazards in the  floor walk wayand oneof the needle ( stick) pricked me and Ishould say it was my bad time..( they should have been there atleast 2 to 3 hr before it hurt me.

One of the needle pricked me and it was very fresh visible wound and went to a Hospital
and they said it is needle type injury and said do not worry about HIV as the HIV die after some time.  They gave only TTT injection.

I am really worried of HIV  infection. Please advise me what can I do.( u It happen exactly 24 hrs before)

Is it true   that even a needle  exposed  to air for 2 hours and  they become  non-infectious.

How far I can trust my local doctor.

My worrie is if the needle  isused on HIV patient,  how far I shouldworry about HIV.

Id PEEP is needed  for me.

I have  uploaded the pictures of the place and myinjury pointin my profile,please  have look and help me.
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Needle stick injuries from used needles are worrisome.  Reading your post, as I understand it, you received a needle stick from a needle which had presumably been used previously.  You do not know who the needle was used by, what it was used for, or when it was used.  You do not mention the needle but the type of needle is an important part of the consideration of your risk.  If the needle was hollow your risk is greater than if it was solid:  if it was hollow, the larger it is, the greater your risk.  Within the hollow space of the needles the HIV virus may live longer than if it was on a dry surface.  In addition, I presume there is some possibility that this needle may have been used to inject drugs.  Here in the United States, in situations such as this, this would be a reason to consider the administration of post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) against HIV.  

If you choose to receive PEP it should be started within 72 hours of your exposure and the sooner the better.  EWH
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