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No Fever No rash usually = no hiv?

Hi Doc,
          Almost 7 weeks ago (April 2) I've had a one time unprotected with an ex, I've been worried that i've caught something from him ever since, because i know hes had more than 10 or 15 sexual partners. Since a month ago, I've had different and on and off symptoms, beginning with cough for a week, one episode of diarrhea (which, a friend who ate the same things also had diarrhea the next day) the cough went away and then a week later, slight sore throat and feeling like i had alot phlegm to swallow, stuffy nose, runny nose, fatigue (may 10thth) Diarrhea again, this time after a big seafood dinner the night before and the first heavy flow day of my period. Diarrhea went away after 2 days but stool still not back to normal, began to be even more stressed and anxious about it all being acute hiv symptoms, to the point where i lost appetite for a few days and it disrupted my daily life, diarrhea somewhat came back for 3 days. Runny nose has stopped. Lastly, I've had some slight headaches throughout, and the last few days tingling sensation of the feet and muscle and joint aches, and still very slight coughing once in awhile. No fever or rash. For 2 days now my anxiety has gone down alot thanks to this site, and supportive friends, so the persisting physical symptoms are starting to bother me again, because I have been telling myself alot of it was due to anxiety.

1. Is tingling (or about to go numb) sensations of the hands and feet a big sign of acute hiv? What else could be causes?
2. How big of a risk is it that i contracted hiv from him?  I know he did drugs but not iv drug user.
3. Are flu-like symptoms without fever a big indication of ARS? and No rash? Whats the percentage of people with ARS who do not get fever and rash? How about stuffy nose turned runny nose?
4. How long can anxiety symptoms such as diarrhea, headache, or muscle aches twitching or tingling of muscles persist after intense stress subsides?
Thank you so much for your help!!
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Welcome to our Forum.  I will try to help, mostly by focusing on the issues of risk and what to do rather than by addressing your concerns about symptoms.  Trying to evaluate your risk for HIV based on symptoms is not a good idea.  While you have had some of the symptoms that have been described to be associated with early HIV infection, the fact is that when such symptoms occur they are typically not due to HIV but due to some other, far more common cause.  Furthermore, in your case, the absence of fever and rash makes it unlikely that your symptoms were due to HIV since when HIV does cause symptoms soon after infection (in most patients, early HIV infection goes unnoticed), fever and a rash are part of the presentation.

Now let me provide a bit of reassurance. That your ex may have had 15 or more partners does not by any means make him high risk.  In North America, and Western Europe the vast majority of HIV infections in men occur in either men who have sex with other men and men who use IV drugs.  Even then, the infection rate is rather low overall. You did not mention either of these risk factors.  If your ex did not have either of these characteristics, even with larger numbers of sex partners, the likelihood that he has HIV is less than 1 in 10,000.  Then, in the unlikely
circumstance that he did have HIV, your risk of getting HIV through unprotected sexual intercourse is less than 1 per 1,000 acts of intercourse.  Thus, on a statistical basis alone, your risk of HIV is less than 1 in 10 million.

You did the right thing by getting an HIV test.  I predict it will be negative and when it is, you should take that as conclusive evidence that you did not get HIV and that your symptoms are not due to HIV.  At 7 weeks about 98% of HIV infections are detectable by standard HIV tests.

Hope these comments are helpful to you.  EWH
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sry, unprotected vaginal intercourse***,
and i have gotten std and an hiv test, 3 days ago but results will not get back to me for another few days!!
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and also been having swollen lymph nodes now for 3 days (not painful, but it feels stiff)
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Thank you so much for your help doc!! I really appreciate your reassurance. I'm still wondering, as this symptom has persisted, the constant pins and needles feeling throughout the body, is that a common ARS symptom? I can't think of other reasons why this is happening...
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Also, there was one time I had what might have been an anxiety attack, where i took my temperature and it was 37.4 C ( or around 99.3 F) Is that considered a low grade fever?
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No, "pins and neeles" are not an ARS symptom.  Anxiety can cause such sensations however.

No, that is not a meaningful fever.

You nee to stop worrying.  EWH
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