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Oral sex

Hi doctors.

I gave oral sex to an unknown guy i met on april 12, he didn't ejaculated in me. But there must be some pre-cum involved.

2 days after this i started with an itchy trout and the next day with cough with greenish flame and fever with nightsweat. And later diarrhea. I did my HIV test on may first of this month and my rapid test was negative. But i still keep on coughing with little flame in my trout, and its being three weaks already. I'm very scared if i'm being seroconverting or something. I also haven't dine anal sex or penetrating. Can this symptoms be related to hiv. Help please.
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Welcome fo the forum.  Thanks for your question.

Fellatio (oral-penile sex) is safe sex.  A few HIV cases may have been acquired that way, but even this is unproved -- some experts believe the risk is truly zero.  The thread below address the HIV/STD risks from fellatio.  As you will see, it contains links to still other detailed discussions.


Your symptoms started much too soon to be due to ARS from this exposure; 8-10 days is the minimum.  And they aren't typical ARS symptoms anyway.  It sounds like you have a minor cold, allergy, or similar problem.

For those reasons, from a medical or risk standpoint, there is no need for you to be tested for HIV or any STD.  Howver, if you remain nervous despite this reassurance and would feel better with a negative test result, have an HIV test at the apppriate time:  defiitive results are available at 4 weeks for a duo test (HIV antibody + antigen) or at 6 weeks for a standalone antibody test.

I hope these comments are helpful.  Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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Thanks i was, and am just a little now thanks to you worried about. Just because of this cough with green mucus on my trout. But your words calm me down a bit.
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New HIV infections generally do not cause cough or bronchial mucus production.
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Do colds have fever with them. I heard that regular colds don't get fever ! Is that correct?
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No, that's not correct.  Fever accompanies some colds.

If you decide to be tested for HIV, feel free to return with a comment to post the result.  Please no more comments or questions until then.
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