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Orasure and dead skin in mouth

Hiya Doc --

I posted this in the community forums but didnt receive the kind of answer I was looking for. Please help!

Hello everybody --

I had an orasure hiv 1/2 rapid test at 3 and 4 months after a potential exposure. Both turned out engative. But for the past 2-3 months I have had --what i think -- is dead skin on the inside of my mouth -- on the inner portion of my lips (so inside my mouth not on my lips). Since my two tests were both oral I didnt know if having dead skin in my mouth (or any other kind of oral condition)   I dont think this should affect the test but I wanted to run it by everyone here and make sure --

Finally -- i have no idea what this dead skin inside my mouth is -- perhaps it is just from biting my lips but any other information would be appreciated

Much Obliged
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I also have no idea what the "dead skin" material in your mouth might be.  But nothing like that can have any effect on the HIV antibody tests, whether Orasure or any other brand.  If you had read the forum a little bit, you could easily have found some of the innumerable other threads that make the point that there are no medical conditions or drugs that alter the reliability of HIV testing, with the possible exception of very advanced (terminal, near-death) illnesses or perhaps highly potent chemotherapy -- and even those are only theoretical, with few if any actual known cases.

See your primary care provider or your dentist about the oral abnormality.  But forget HIV.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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