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Dear Dr Hook / Hansfield

I have already asked this question in the international community but the answer i received wasnt clear enough for my mind.

I have had a possible exposure and i feel very worried about it.

I was with a Escort in the Netherlands and we had full protected vaginal sex that only lasted a minuite i would say no tear or any noticeable problems with the condom

the problem is i touched her vagina with my penis prior to this and she was very wet for a couple of seconds before i realised it was stupid of me, am i at risk of either of the above mentioned and do i need to get tested for either of them due to this exposure.

I am very anxious about this as i dont want to give anything to my wife.

please could you be as thorough with your answer and explanation as possible.

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Welcome to the forum.

We always recommend that users not spend additional posting fees after they already have a response from me, Dr. Hook, or Dr. Gonzalez-Garcia on the interenational forum.  The responses are always the same.  I reviewed Dr. G-G's reply and agree exactly with what he said.  These viruses require far more intensive exposure for transmission than you had; scant exposure to small amounts of infected secretions is not sufficient.   You were wise to use a condom -- and since you did, you are not at risk for HIV or HCV.  (And by the way, HCV is almost never heterosexually transmitted anyway.  The only proved sexual transmission is among men having traumatic -- i.e., bloody -- rectal sex with othe rmen.)

So you do not need testing for these or any other infection on account of this exposure, and if you have a regular partner, you can safely continue unprotected sex without fear of transmitting any infection.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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