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Persistent symptoms

Dear Doctors,

Excuse my English again.

As you can check, I wrote in the past due to two exposures (unprotected oral and protected vaginal with 2 CSWs) 10 months ago. Dr. HHH informed that my condom could fail as I got chlamydia.

I have had several HIV tests, all negative and some of them DUO tests.

I am freaking out yet due to my persistent geo tongue and thoat problems (phlemg and mild sore throat as son as the temperatura changes) and my forts-life outbreak of herpes one month ago; and above all my wife and daughter symptoms. After (10 days) my exposure I had unprotected vaginal sex with her. After 4 weeks from that she had fever (38.2) during 2 days, very sore throat  and tonsilitis. After 4 months: again fever and sore throat. After 5: singles (fists time in her life). My baby (she was brestfeeding until 5 months ago, now is one year old) had two episodes of fever in may and july (39ºC 2.5 days and rash in legs, face and arms when the fever dissapeared) and two urine infections in July and now.

my questions:

-Is possible to have several negative tests after 10 months being positive?
-My family symptoms can be related to my exposures?
-Geo tongue is common in HIV infected people? For your information, my IGG herpes-1 was 45.8, too high, I think herpes infection and my tongue problem can be related.

Thank you for your patient and I wish you the best

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Welcome to the forum.  But I do wish you would believe and accept our advice!  You have been informed repeatedly, both on this forum and by Dr. Gonzalez-Garcia on the international forum, that HIV test results always overrule symptoms.  That is still the case.  Your negative HIV tests prove that HIV is not the cause of your symptoms.  Anyway, geographic tongue and sore throat have many causes, most of which are more common than HIV.  

Young children have very frequent viral respiratory infections, which they acquire from other children in day care, schools, etc.  So my guess is that your recurrent symptoms are due to minor viruses that you catch from your your child.

To your specific questions:

1) No.  It is not possible to have HIV and have positive tests delayed 10 months.  Do not have any more HIV tests.

2) See above.  The "family symptoms" probably start with your child, not you.

3) Yes, HIV can cause geographic tongue.  So do hundreds of other viruses, allergies, and minor changes in diet, nutrition, etc.  Your tests prove that HIV isn't the cause.

Please do your best to accept the scientific evidence once and for all.  It should not be necessary for you to keep spending good money on this forum to hear the same answers again and again.

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Thank very much Doctor. I will try to move on but it is so hard..

Last questions (I promise)
Could Herpes 1 be the virus that trigged my geo tongue?
can i donate blood? Before the exposure, I had 3 phlebotomies to get the ferritin down.  I have high ferritin since years ago.

thank you for your great job, patience
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Geographic tongue usually is normal, not indicating any disease.  Herpes doesn't cause it.

From an HIV/STD standpoint, you can safely donate blood.  You should check with your own doctor about your "ferritin problem" (hemochromatosis?) and donating blood.

That will end this thread.  Do your best to move on without worry.  There is no point in asking again about your symptoms on this forum; the answers will not change.
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Please dorgive my question but due to the last fever of my daughter I bought two rapid test. An oral swab oraquick and a USAID aprovved finger prick For my daughter (i know it was an error). The oraquick was negative at  2 min but a faint line was showed nwct day when i saw it again only for reassurance. I made her the finger prick test and a new faint line (only the external lines of the line) appeared at 15 min but it disapperared 15 min later. I am shocked and i do not what i should do... excuse the errors but i am contacting you from my phone. Please help me
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Unless your daughter was at independent risk of HIV, you should not have tested her.  HIV testing is never, ever appropriate in children unless recommended by a doctor.  Almost certainly her weakly positive test is false; perhaps your anxieties are leading your to over-interpret her test results.

But at this point, your daughter now needs to be professionally evaluated.  I doubt she has HIV, but if if it turns out she does, she did not catch it from you.  Still, she definitely needs to go to the doctor, and you need to explain the tests you have done on her, then follow the doctor's advice.  You probably don't have to explain in detail why you tested her -- probably it will be enough to say you were afraid you were at risk but your own test was negative.
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My wife tested negative with a 4th gen test 10 days ago and my daughter left the brestfeeding 6-7 months ago. How is possible? Thank you and sorry for my insistence
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My last unprotected with my wife was 10 mobths ago.
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Feel free to return to let me know what your daughters doctor says. Other than that, I have nothing more to say.
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Dear Doctor,

I talked to the pediatric.

She said that it is easier to rule out HIV in my wife and me. Since my wife was tested 6 months after she left the brestfeeding and I was tested almost 11 months after my exposure, she thinks is done. She could order an specific test for my daughter if she needed an analysis for other causes. She wants to avoid uncomfortable proceedings to my daughter.

Do you agree with her?

For further information, the finger prick test t-line was incomplete (only the edge were reddish, not the center)and   disappeared 30 minutes later. I know that false positives can occur if you read the result after the recommneded time, but is it posible taht positive results dissappear?

Thank you very much. Your patience and job is highly appreciated.
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Moreover, The t.line is now completelky White, even the whiste is brighter than the remaining strip.
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Stop examining the tests, and do not do any more testing on yourself, your wife, or your child. Follow the doctor's advcie.

This thread is over.  If you continue to post such anxeity-driven questions, the entire thread will be deleted.  Do not start a new thread with the same questions.
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