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Please Help, I Want This To Be Over

Hello Doctors,

I recently had a night I would pay to go back and prevent.  I was at at strip club with members of my baseball team and after a while got a private dance.  I know that there was no sex but I do know my and was down the strippers thong, however I'm not sure if I had stimulated her with my fingers.  I had two deep skin cracks from dry skin that may have been bleeding at the time as they did when I played baseball earlier that because of bending and opening them.  My fear is I got vaginal secretions in these cuts and thus could be exposed to HIV.  Again I don't remember if this even happened.

I tested negative for HIV Antibody 1/2 at 20 days past possible exposure

I tested negative for PCR/DNA and HIV 1/2 Antibody at 32 days past possible exposure

I now tested negative for HIV Antibody 1/2 at 53-54 days past possible exposure

I have had jaw swelling since day 25, first one side then both, and in the last week or week and a half my mouth has been getting bone dry constantly.  I'm scared it could be DILS or HIV SGD.  I would have had to have been positive on one of those tests for it to be the case wouldn't I?  I'm so scared, I'm engaged and worried this dumb act, that I don't even know if occurred, could ruin everything.  Please help.


1.  Can I be completely confident of these results? Why?
2.  Should I / do i need to get tested at 3 months?
3.  I know my third test was a few days shy of 8 weeks but should I have confidence in it?  What's the accuracy at that time?
4.  Would DILS or HIV SGD occur this early and would it delay the detection of antibodies?
5.  Do people seroconvert at 8 weeks?

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Dr. Hook terminated your previous thread because you were not understanding (or believing) his advice.  And in reviewing your lab results, I can confirm you definitely do not have HIV.  It doens't matter whether you got vaginal secretions into wounds, and your symptoms don't have any bearing on any of this.  HIV tesing overrules exposure history, symptoms, and all other factors -- no matter how high the risk, or how typical the symptoms for HIV infection, the negative antibody test results at 7+ weeks (53-54 days) prove you do not have HIV and are to be relied upon.

For further information about test reliability, see http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/1704700

There will be no further discussion.  I won't have any additional comments or advice.  Work with your doctor about your symptoms, and your inflated worries, if they persist.

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