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Please comment on the test results....!!!!

I posted a question on


which is :
[ I am from Gujarat, India. This episode of mistake and foolishness happened on 30th June, 2011. I had an encounter with a Commercial Sex Worker from Bombay. First I fingered her. Then we went on to have bath. After the bath I touched her clits with the unprotected tip of my penis. Then we went on to have protected vaginal sex. The first condom slipped so I changed and put another one. This act was her upon me. I didn't reach orgasm so I removed protection and she sucked me unprotected and I came a bit in her mouth. Then finally she gave me a hand job. Thereafter in about next three hours I sucked her breasts thrice and deep fingered her vagina during that time. I don't know her HIV and STD status. I am having mild headache, loss of appetite, indigestion, sweating, feeling restless and sleep-ness since the day I was with her. My questions are :

Consider the Indian Scenario for my case since its different than the USA - UK or other countries I believe.

The last few days have been very scary and it looks like I am drifting towards death. Please help and give me correct guidance and information so that I can start medicines if required. Please help me doctor. It has been difficult time all through.]

Now, I have got my 8 day PCR RNA test results which reads as under :

Test : Quantification of HIV - 1 RNA by standard procedure on COBAS Taq Man - 48

Method : COBAS Taq Man - 48 with Manual Extraction

Target Selection : Highly Conserved Sequence of Gag gene is selected for amplification and detection

Limit of detection : 47 copies / ml (28.2 IU/ml)

Measuring Range : 47-10,000,000 copies / ml (28.2 IU/ml - 6,000,000 IU/ml)


Please can you comment on the result? Can this be considered reliable that I am not infected?
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Repatative anxiety driven questions are not permitted. You had a definitive reply from Dr. Hook a week ago, and you have also received reassuring responses on the HIV international forum.  Asking the same questions repeated times will not change the answers.  This was a non-risky exposure and you did not need testing at all.  If this is your only potential exposure, then it is impossible you have HIV, and your test results confirm it.

There will be no follow-up comments or discussion.  Also, because MedHelp permits a maximum of 2 questions every 6 months on the professionally moderated forums (see Terms and Conditions), you may not ask another on this forum before 2012.

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