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Positive ELISA and Negative WB

Last year, I had protected sex with a prostitute. I was OK the past whole year, no strange symptoms or any health problems. However, last month in January, the result of ELISA test was positive. But for further confirmation, my medical provider sent my blood sample to Mayo clinic for WB test, and the result is negative.

My doctor told me that I am free of any HIV but I need to make another ELISA test in six month to make sure. And I have to use condom with my wife until I get the test in six month.

Please give me your professional opinion for my situation, and should I follow my doctor's instructions?

Is WB test accurate enough?
Do I need to do further tests?
What about my relationship with my wife?
Am I totally ok?

Please help me!!! I know these are too many questions but I am totally worried.

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You had a false positive ELISA test, an unfortunate circumstance which occurs in about 1 out of every 10,000 persons without HIV.   The second step, the Western blot helps to identify these situations and the negative test is a clear indication that you do not have HIV.  I am comfortable with the result as it stands but I can also understand that many doctors (and patients in this situation) might want to be doubly sure (i.e. get a “tie-breaker”). If you wanted to verify this immediately, this is one of the few situations where asking your doctor to do an HIV RNA PCR test might be helpful.  If this too is negative, as I am confident it would be, you could be sure that you did not have HIV.  

Either way, my counsel is to believe the lab tests.  You have no evidence of HIV and there is no plausible reason why you need to worry about this for six months.  I think your doctor is being conservative and I would not fault him/her for that but also realize that you pay a price in terms of anxiety, the condom of a reminder of both your encounter with the CSW and your false positive test, etc.  I would not have made the recommendation but again, I can’t fault your doctor for being careful.   (BTW, although you did not ask, your false positive result may be something that you have forever or it may be transient, thus re-testing in the future is of interest for this reason as well as in terms of just being conservative).

Hope this makes sense and is helpful.  EWH
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