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Possible HIV symptoms

Hello Doc,
How are you

I had an unprotected oral sex (Cunnilingus and the other one)and protected intercourse with a sex worker (LEGAL ASIAN BROTHEL)  1 year ago, at that time my wisdom tooth was infected and caused pain regularly. After this encounter with in a week I got tested my self for HIV and other STDs which came negative but I know that there is a window period I wanted to get tested but could not.
Couple of months after this encounter my wisdom tooth started to pain a lot and I removed it but after that I did not had any health issues but some time severe cold. I did not had any fever, headache or any thing.
But now after one year I have rashes on my leg which are dark in brown color as my complexion is brown and I also had rashes on my back on both left and right side just above the hip they were red in color but in my room we had a lot of bed bugs I thought the rashes on my back are due to them. I am also seeing that my tongue is white but i do not see any spots in my mouth. I am sensing some pushy feeling on side of my eye, I am experiencing sleepiness in the morning and body heat in nights due to which I am not able to sleep and rashes are appear with that heat in night, there is no headache but i do have sore throat. I am also experiencing frequent urination and night urinals.
Do all these symptoms are of HIV+ve do you think I have HIV, two days back I went for testing and results are due this Monday and Now every thing is stake including my life. Please Advice.
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First response, based on the title you chose for your question:  99.99% of "possible HIV symptoms" are not due to HIV.  Even when the symptoms are typical for an acute HIV infection, and follow a very high risk exposure (e.g. unprotected anal sex among men), HIV is not the usual cause.

Now I have read the question itself.  Your symptoms don't sound at all like those of a new HIV infection, and you had a sexual exposure that is very unlikely to have resulted in an HIV infection:  HIV is not transmitted by cunnilingus or by condom-protected vaginal sex.  If this is your only possible exposure, for sure your HIV test result will be negative.  Stay calm as you await the result;.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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Do you think that my result will be 100% negative. Sir sorry I know this oral sex type of question have been asked to you lot of times but the concern is so high because I am experiencing my CAREER peaks at the moment and I do not want to mes sup my life now, The only thing I want to know is does oral sex with infected tooths poses danger I have read in many sites, The govt site here in Sydney, Aus say that HIV can be transmitted with low risk through infections in mouth.
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THANK YOU DOC I will wait for my result, but do give any comment for the above comment
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I have a swollen groin are and a dark brown rash around my genitals.
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This doesn't suggest HIV or any other STD. See your doctor if you remain concerned about it.   Australia's sexual health centres comprise the best STD/HIV clinic network in the world, and the Sydney (and Melbourne) SHCs are the best of the best. Visit there if you need further assistance.

This thread is closed to new comments except you may post your HIV test result, if you wish.
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Doc BULLS EYE result Negative, Thanks heaps.

Guys have protected sex, that is the best thing rather than having mental stress concerning what is going to happen. Doc your the man
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