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Post Exposure Prophylaxis and HIV concern

Hello DR., thank you so much for this forum it is absolutely wonderful!

Ok, here is my story. I am a straight Caucasian male living inside the United States. My friend introduced me to a girl who had just had a divorce. The first night I met her we ended up kissing and I fingered her. This lasted about five to ten minutes. 10 minutes later I washed my hands and looked over them and I didn
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Yup, you're overreacting.  Badly.  The chance your partner had HIV is zilch and HIV isn't transmitted by kissing or fingering, regardless of possible cuts on the finger.  This is a very borderline thread, which I normally would delete without response (see the notice on the forum home page).  I'm not sure why I am responding--just in a good mood, I guess.

1) Yes, HIV infection requries a much larger exposure to infected secretions than you possibly had.  2) You definitely should not seek or have PEP.  Any provider who agreed to give it to you should not be practicing medicine.  3) If a cut isn't big or deep enough to bleed, it isn't a risk for HIV.  4) 80-90% of people with new HIV infection have symptoms.  5) Yes, HIV related lymph node enlargements usually are widespread. 6) Zero.

Forget HIV.  You don't even need testing.  If you can't shake your concerns despite this reassurance, see a provider to deal with that OCD.

Please no "yes, but" or "what if" questions; I will not respond.  There is no information you can possibly provide that would change my opinion or advice.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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