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Protected Oral Sex

Hello Doctors,

I'm from Sydney, Australia and i need some confirmation. I being quite obsessed with these and i had counselling and i got better until now. Now a week ago i had protected oral sex with a sex worker. Unknown status, didn't notice any blood and the condom didn't break. I have contacted the information line here my country and they believe there is no risk. However, I have a sore throat, my stomach is killing me.

Can this be HIV infection?
Do I need to be tested? and at what timeframe i do?
What are the risks?

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Welcome to the Forum.  I'll try to help but I note that Lizzie Lou has already provided you with a number of quotations from three of us who staff Forums here at MedHelp.  As a results, you will hear more of what has already been said.

There is no scientific evidence that HIV has ever been spread through receipt of UNPROTECTED oral sex from an HIV infected sex partner.  That is the case even though this has happened millions, if not billions of time.  There are a small number of unsubstantiated reports on the internet but none of these reports have been scientifically proven.  Your risk, is even lower.

You do not know that the CSW had HIV- most do not.

You used a condom and it did not break.  Condom protected sex is safe sex. Your condom did not break- when condoms fail, they break wide open, leaving you question that they have broken.  You would have known if it your condom had broken.

Your sore throat is a coincidence, nothing more.

There is no need for you to be concerned and no need for you to seek testing for any STD, including HIV related to the encounter you describe.

I hope this comment is helpful.  EWH
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Thank you for your prompt reply. It was very assuring and made me feel heaps better about this situation. I knew it was a coincidence.

Your answer was based on me being the receiver (being sucked)? Because i noticed i didn't put that in initially. I also forgot to mention that I ejaculated in her mouth which the condom was on. Am I still good in that regard?

You mention: There are a small number of unsubstantiated reports on the internet but none of these reports have been scientifically proven.
What does that mean exactly? Where they the receivers of oral sex?

Thanks in advance.
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You mentioned both that you were the receiver and your ejaculation in your post on the community site.  I knew that.

I do not waste my time reading unsubstantiated internet postings of the sort I mentioned.  I suggest you do the same.  It will only mislead you.  EWH
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