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Question Re: Testing Conclusivity

Dear Doctor(s),

Roughly eight months ago while at a massage parlor, I received roughly 30 seconds (maybe less) of unprotected oral sex from a white female working at a massage parlor. I immediately stopped the act and subsequently left.

Over the six months (26 weeks that followed) I have had the following testing done:

20 Days: PCR DNA Test, HIV 1/2 Antibody Test, Rapid Hiv Test - All Negative
6 Weeks: HIV 1/2 Antibody Test, Rapid Test - Both Negative
13 Weeks: HIV 1/2 Antibody Test, Rapid Test - Both Negative
18 Weeks: Rapid Test: Negative
22 Weeks: Rapid Test: Negative
26 Weeks (six month) Rapid Test - Negative
(essentially after the 13 week Labcorp testing, I have had 6 Rapid Tests out to six months that were negative)

At this point can I safely rule out the possibility of HIV? I ask you because we received amazing news that my wife is pregnant, and I have heard that HIV Testing is done at some point during the pregnancy and often times women get a false positive. Based on how stressful my last six+ months have been, a positive test from her will be bring back all the anxiety around this horrendous lapse in judgment and the potential for HIV.

From doing some research on the site, I have read that the risk was minimal to begin with, and that testing outrules symptoms - and that the combination of my PCR and Antibody testing would be considered conclusive. It is worthy of mention that I was diagnosed with low IGA, but IGG and IGM were completely normal - would this low IGA results impact the conclusivity of my testing?

Thank you Doctors - I just want to put this behind me....
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Welcome to the forum.  Your last paragraph correctly predicts my response.

Oral sex is little or no risk for HIV; some experts believe there is truly no risk, and certainly there have been few if any proved cases transmitted oral to genital.  And the large majority of massage workers of course don't have HIV.

So based on this single exposure, you have been seriously over tested.  Personally, if I had been in your situation, I wouldn't have been tested at all.  While a single test might have been warranted for reassurance purposes, you certianly didn't need to spend all the money on so many of them!  In any case, the first two tests were definitive; negative DNA/PCR at 3 weeks and negative antibody at 6 weeks, taken together, are 100% proof you weren't infected.  All the others were unnecessary.  Your low IgA antibody levels have no bearing on the test results.

So for sure you don't have HIV.  You can put this even behind you with no worries.  And don't worry about your wife's test result.  False positive results may be a bit more common in pregnant women, but still it's rare.  Don't worry about it.

I hope this helps.  Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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