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Hi, Thanks for reading. I have read a lot of post and I have to say you are a very nice person because you read of all these post and you reply back. You have been a great help to many people here just like me. I would like to tell you my story is different but really it isnt and beside you have heard that plenty of times before.
Well here I go. I met this Girl from Osaka, japan. I am in the Military station over here in japan. Well she flew down to see me in tokyo for 5 days. well we stayed together and had Protected sex and unprotected oral sex. Well on moment after the 3rd day I decided to take off the condom before I ***. She gave me permission to do so. Well I and it last  30sec and I cleaned up right after that. My problem was I dont know if this was before or after the brief unprotected sex but I notice a round dark skin on my leg it looked like a ring worm. I know this woman and she is around my age of 20 yrs old. She only had Unprotected sex once before me and this guy was 20 yrs old also and he is from Washington State. They only had protected sex for no more than 3 mins with no Ejacuation because she told him too stop. We are friends so she was ok about giving me details.  Well 9 days later I met my GF and I wanted to use protection but she refused so we had unprotected sex. I went to the doctor about this thing on my leg because it looked very similar to a ringworm and 2 more were forming up, he said I got some kind of Fungi infection so it was all cool and one of my friends told me the same thing because I was worried about it. It was a circle and small little red pimples maybe 2 or 3 at the most so small you can barely seem them. I notice this after the girl left maybe a day after she left. Well I got my amnual physical at 6weeks and it came back negative for HIV. I went back to the ship and I got in trouble and I went into major depression and I saw this NewS report about people in africa and one guy mention that he had HIV and he was spreading it on purpose. So I became worried and then I started getting muscle tension everytime I worry now. I didnt realize people were so cruel like that. Well I became a freak after that and I began to worry because unprotected sex is something I never did before except for my longtime GF. Well she told me 7 months later she was clean before me but after me she doesnt know if she is OR not. I assure her I was clean. Well I was to afraid to get a check up. So I convince my GF to get it for me. She tested negative at 11weeks and tested negative at 8 to 9 months. Now my GF and I we have Unprotected sex 3 to 4 times every weekend for 8 months. Now is it possible for me to be infected and she is not after so much time? I am getting a checkup tomorrow but I am just worried about all of this. I never had any signs of HIV but since I watch that new report I become concerned because I think what if this guy infected her on purpose and she never knew and he gave it to me and this guy she loved after m
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There's a lot of detail there, and I'm not sure I absorbed it all.  You describe low risk exposures, plus negative HIV tests, both you and your girlfriend.  Don't let a single case report of a rare HIV circumstance make you think such things are common.  It also is unreasonable to suppose some partner intentionally infected someone else with HIV.  Careless transmission occurs all the time, but intentional transmission is extremely rare.

Just make sure you have had a final HIV test at least 6 weeks over your last possible exposure.  When it is negative, you are home free.  So is your girlfriend.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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I also forgot to mention. I did have this chest pain when I was hit hard in my chest 5 years ok. But I was weight lifting and I was using free weights and when I cant hold it I would let it fall hard on my chest, once I started doing Pushup that is when I feel this small pain. I do have muscle ache time to time as well. mostly when I am worried or when I am on the Ship. Does HIV cause Muscle ache?? I have been to the Doctor and he assured me I dont have it and even if I had sex with a girl who had it the possible chance of me getting it is still very slim. Is this true?? I know I am a worrier, I have anxiety and I have OCD as well. The girl I am worried about I met her 11months ago. My GF who I met 2 days after her tells me that I am fine and stop worrying my doctor tells me the same thing. But finally I will get tested again. I have had many anxiety attacks and it caused me a lot of pain and I cant focus. But when I some how convince myself I am clean, I am all happy and cheerful and nothing in my body hurts or bother me at all. But when I read something online I worry and I start having problems again.
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Your symptoms mean nothing.  Only the test result matters.  You seem to realize your symptoms likely result from anxiety, nothing more.  But if in doubt, check with a provider.  (Even on ship, I'll bet you can rely 100% on the confidentiality of the medical personnel, both med techs and docs.  Trust me, they have heard your story many times!)

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Dear Doc,

Dr Bob at the Body uses 3-month as the period for a conclusive result. I have read that you have great regards for him. so this 6-week is how reliable?
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Hi, Sir

Yes I did get tested it was only one time where I practice a quick unprotected sex, then I met my GF who I always have unprotected sex. But I tested Negative at 6weeks after exposure and my GF tested 2 times, one at 11wks and the other one at 8 months because we plan on getting married so we have to get tested. I met her a 9 days after my exposure. Yes I know I have anxiety it is something that I cant get rid of. I did check with my Doctor and he assured me I was fine 3 times already, it is just my mind set. I will test again because the military requires us to get tested every year, I am nervous I should have asked question instead of giving you my story.

I met my GF 9 days after the first girl and we have unprotected sex every weekend for 8months, she got tested and she is negative at 11wks and 8months after meeting me. Is it still possible that I could have got sick from my first encounter and she is ok?? I did test negative at 6 weeks but I havent tested since then.

The Girl before her Only has Unprotected sex 1 time for a few minutes how likely is it that she caught it and gave it to me?? The girl and I have Unprotected sex for 45 sec.

The girl I messed with Before she claims she was clean before me even now she does, should I believe her?? She also was concerned if I was sick as well but I assured her I was good. I know I am good because I got tested 4 months before her and after that I used condoms. So I guess we were both in doubt of each other. We are sort of friends as well.

I heard that when you first get infected you can spread it very easily afterwards. I do believe my muscle pain is anxiety because when I worry about something serious certain arm muscles hurt and I my head feels heavy. Yes you are right SIR, I should not pay attention to News report, it was the actual first time I ever heard of HIV like that before so I freaked out. Thank you for your comfort I really appreicate it a lot.
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