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Random Follicutlis

Dear Doctor,

you can see my previous posts here:

I´m having trouble with folliculitis for 4 to 5 months now.
It is a "random" folliculities type: right now I have 3 in my left tights (next to groin area), 2 in my neck, 2 in my back, 2 in my belly/chest. Also have 2 in my scalp.

They came and go. they started in my forearms (as very small pimples like spider bite) that lasted for a period. tTey gone by its own, but now I´m having it in other parts of my body. Some are very small (like in my chest), others are bigger (like the ones in my groin and neck).

Went to a dermatologyst that said: "oh ok, its foliculitis." I´ve explained this "random" aspect, but she was not gfiving too much importance to that. She gave me a cream and a shampoo.

Right now I´m applying the cream to every new pimple that comes out... and I dont think that this will be solution for the problem.

I´m also suffering from hair loss (again the same period that folicullitis started). Dermatology said that "I´m changing/renewing my hair", and gave me a product apply in the scalp to adress this (this product is help reduce the natural effect of baldness that could be caused by genetic or age in men).

Very worried that this could be a STD or a kind of sistemic disease, as foliculities can be one of the symptoms for HIV or other autoimmune diseases.

Never had any skin issue in the past, not even acne issue in my teens.

My last HIV test was 5 months after exposure, results negative.

I also tried to post this question in the dermatology expert forum, but looks like it is closed.

Please advice. Thank you.

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Sorry, there is nothing here to suggest any reason to change my prior comments.  Follicultitis is a common dermatological problem.  if your interaction with your first dermatologist was not satifactory, try another one but there is no reason here to be worried about HIV or any STD.  

I'll have nothing more to say.  EWH
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