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Risk Assessment

Hi doc,

I have posted my query a few weeks ago.  However as the time draws nearer for the HIV test (this is the 3rd week), I would like to seek your professional opinion on my risk assessment.  

I had read the forum and understand that HIV transmission from female to male is about 1:1000.  Would like to seek further understanding on this.  Is it protected or unprotected?

At the same time, I also found out that with a condom sex penetration, it is only 80% safe.  May I know what is your opinion?  

I had a protected sexual encounter with a CSW in Jakarta.  Is Jakarta a high risk area? Do you think i am at high risk?  

I am contemplating whether is there a need for me to do a HIV test at the 4th week.  I am really anxious over this matter.  I hope you can provide me some advices.  

Thank you.
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Welcome back to our Forum.  I am sorry to hear that the exposure you described continues to worry you.  Because it was condom protected and the condom did not break, there is no reason for concern about HIV from this exposure and your negative tests for other STIs proves that you did not get them from your CSW exposure either.

The risk for an UNPROTECTED sexual exposure to a person with HIV infection is less than 1 infection per 1000 exposures.  Condoms are more than 99.9% protective when they are worn throughout a sexual encounter and do not break,  Thus wearing a condom further reduces the risk for HIV from less than1 infection in 1000 exposures to less than 1 infection in a million exposures.  Wherever you heard that condoms only offer 80% protection is incorrect.  

In your case, you do not know that the CSW you had sex with in Jakarta had HIV and most do not.  If I were you, I would not worry about this exposure.  I personally see no medical need for HIV testing although you may choose testing to prove to yourself that I am correct.  EWH
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Thank you for the advice.  Hopefully, things will be fine on myself.  Will keep you update.
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