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Risk of Exporuse and Testing Results

Greetings Doctor,

I am here with my question in hopes that you might be able to shed some insight on my test results and assess my risk. Basically, about 3 1/2 months ago, I had a protected encounter (both oral and vaginal were protected) with a CSW in Las Vegas. It was at a massage parlor that didn't look very clean. I went in for a hand job and ended up received oral and vaginal. This CSW was my 2nd sexual partner and I have been in a long relationship and have never done anything like this, nor will I ever again.

I tested at 3 weeks using the DNA by PCR and antibody test and it came out negative. I tested again at 6 weeks using the standard blood antibody test and it came out negative as well. I was so anxious that I got tested at 10 weeks using the antibody test cause I could not wait till the 12 week mark and it also came out negative. I know the CDC and some doctors claim that 3 months is conclusive and I can get tested again since its been 3 months but before I decide to do so, I wanted to get a professionals opinion on my risk. Below are some questions...Thanks in advance for all of your help!

1. Should I re-test now since its been 3 months since the encounter or should I consider my 10 week test conclusive?

2. What are my chances of testing HIV+ now since my test was negative at 10 weeks?

3. I have had post nasal drip for almost 2 months now. Is that a sign of HIV? My nose is not stuffy but I feel a ball of mucus in my throat that I cant seem to hock up or swallow. I have an appointment with a ENT doctor but curious what you think...

4. Have you seen anyone become HIV+ after having a single protected sexual encounter?

5. Am I a late seroconverter?

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Welcome to the forum.

First, you had a zero risk exposure for all practical purposes.  Few Las Vegas CSWs have HIV, and you had condom protected sex.  From a risk standpoint, you didn't need testing for HIV.

But having done that, you have had 100% reliable results.  All the business about window period, and the need to way 6 weeks, 3 months, or whatever (6-8 weeks actually is sufficient) have to do ONLY with the HIV antibody tests.  Until a few years ago, those were the only tests available.  However, we now have a number of other tests -- and they remove most concerns about window period.  In combination, your negative DNA/PCR test at 3 weeks and antibody test at 6 weeks are 10% conclusive proof you did not catch HIV.

1) No further tresting is necessary.

2) Zero.

3) Symptoms do not matter.  Test results always overrule symptoms, and your test results prove HIV is not the cause.  And in any case, HIV doesn't cause postnasal drip.

4) It is irrelevant whether I personally have see anyone who caught HIV after a single encounter.  It happens, but it's very rare.  Your test results prove it didn't happen to you.

5) With current test methods, "late seroconversion" is an urban myth.  It doesn't happen.

I hope this helps you get beyond your inflated concerns.  For sure you do not have HIV and do not need any more testing for it.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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You said, "In combination, your negative DNA/PCR test at 3 weeks and antibody test at 6 weeks are 10% conclusive proof you did not catch HIV."

Did you mean 100%?

So not only is my 6 week antibody test proof but my 10 week test would also be proof and be conclusive that I didnt contract HIV?
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Yes, 100%. Sorry about the typo.  Your 6 week antibody all by itself was 100% proof you weren't infected.  All other test results are icing on the cake.  You don't ave HIV, period. Time to move on.
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Understood and thanks for your advice. I will try and move on now.
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Dr. Handsfield,

The only reason I brought up this question is because in the first place is because while the CSW and I were having vaginal she thought that I had orgasmed and to this day I cant figure out if I had. I didnt feel like I did but I was a little intoxicated. She asked me if I had an orgasm and looked at the condom and it looked like sperm was in the reservoir but I couldn't figure out if I had. This scares me because I started thinking that maybe her genital secretions someone made their way into the condom through the ring since I wasnt as erect as I usually get.

Does this change your assessment? I understand that test overrule any symptoms and worry but I figured I would ask anyway. Thank you so much for your patience with me.

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"I understand that test overrule any symptoms and worry":  Correct.  And my patience does not extend to repeating the same answers in different words.  This thread is over.
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