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Risk of HIV Exposure

So I was a my best friends bachelor party in Las Vegas last week, as so many of these stories go. We, of course, went to a strip club (it was my first time) and I disappered to the back for a lap dance.

The stripper tore off my shirt and rubbed her breasts against me. She also licked and bit my nipples. My concern was that her tongue left saliva on my nipple where I tend to have cracked skin from eczema and I don't recall it being scabbed over, it was dark and I'm not sure. I may have scratched it through the course of this evening leaving it vulnerable.

My concern is the likelihood of contraction of HIV. Do these strippers take care of themselves? Or am I just irrational thinking she may have it?

My girlfriend at home doesn't know and I don't want to resume sex with her until I feel secure that I haven't contracted anything. My body feels fine though.

Am I at a low risk?

Thanks for calming my fears.
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You really have nothing to worry about.  Before we even begin to address (and discount) the risks, if she had HIV, please realize the vast majority of strippers, even if they are also commercial sex workers, do not have HIV.  Now, on to the risks.

Then encounter you describe can be distilled into being rubbed by her breasts which, obviously is no risk at all, and the fact that she kissed (perhaps roughly) your nipples where you tend to have an eczematous rash.  This too is no risk, even with the possibility of cracked skin due to eczema.  Even in the very rare circumstance that she had HIV, the amount of HIV present in saliva is very, very low and the probability of it getting from her saliva to enter your body and cause infection is likewise miniscule.  

You have nothing to worry about.  You have no reason for concern, medical reason for testing based on this exposure, and need not worry about contact with your GF.

Hope this helps. EWH
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