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Hello Doctor,

Hello Guys,

I was dating a girl she  took a HIV test and came back negative but then she told me she was having sex those days with another guy the same week. We kissed, dry kiss, no tongue, I grabbed her vagina and she grabbed my penis, she performed oral unprotected on my flacid penis for about 1/2 a minute and I had precum coming out, I could not get an erection since I was so scared  then I put a comdom on but still could not get an erection and did not penetrate her.

Was I at risk? should I get tested?

thank you
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You asked the same question last October on the HIV community forum.  You were correctly told that there was no risk.  HIV is less common and less easily transmitted than you apparently think.

You describe a partner who almost certainly didn't have HIV, so any kind of sex at all of course carries no risk.  And even if she had HIV, you can't get it by kissing (even with tongue in mouth) and mouth-to-penis transmission is extremely rare; some experts believe it never occurs at all.  You were not at risk and do not need testing for HIV.

You were also advised on the community to educate yourself about HIV transmission risks and prevention.  That you ask the same quesiton now suggests you didn't do that.  I hope you'll follow that advice.  Start with the information available from CDC (www.cdc.gov/hiv).  Also read the thread immediately below this one for a brief description of what safe sex means.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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