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So Many Tests! Finally is it time for psych help?

Dr H

In Nov 2012 I had a low risk.  I licked / sucked the breast of a stripper(25 secs) and got a hand job.  Im not sure if there was fluid ingested. I am male.

After this event I have had multiple ailments, epidytmitis / testicle swelling (diagnosed with hydrocele and varicelle(bag of worms), oral thrush confirmed by doctor, cold etc.  I also has lower intestine inflamation.  Many antibiotics taken over the last couple of months.

I tested for hiv via rapid antibody blood tests at 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 5 months, 6 months.  At 6.5 months i had a lab conduct a DUO Combo it was also negative(last week)

I was tested for stds, two times, results neg.

On may 31 (friday last week) I went to the DR because my testicle hurt and i started to feel like a cold or virus was coming on.  The DR gave me 10 days of doxy and ordered blood work.  Alot of people have a cold or flu now.  By Sat i was hacking dark brown mucus from the chest.  My nose was dripping mucus.  I was WIPED OUT & SORE but NEVER had fever.  I have a LONG history of sinus disease.  Today I feel better.

I got my results back today and results are as follows; (important stuff)

STDS neg

HIV antibody: neg

Lymphs good- reference 12.0 - 48.0 (mine 14.5)

WBC slightly elevated- reference was  3.40-11.80 (mine 12.79 HI)

Glucose slightly elevated- reference was 70-99 (mine was 101 HI)

The DR advised that the slight elevation in WBC is nothing to worry about, its because i was sick.  It tells nothing regarding HIV status. (and all my hiv tests are neg)  He said to move on, eat healthy,excercise. He said dont come back till next year with a smile.  He said no more hiv tests!!

1.  Can I move on with my life considering all my testing?
2. Can I sleep with my wife unprotected?
3. Do you agree with my DR the blood work results is nothing to worry about regarding hiv?
4.Do I need psych help?

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Welcome to the forum.

Based on the title you selected, before I have even read the question itself, my guess is the answer is yes:  it is time for professional psychological support.  If you have had more than one negative HIV test sufficiently long after the last exposure exposure (4-12 weeks, depending on the specific test or combination of tests), and if despite that evidence you continue to worry about HIV, professional counseling often is necessary.  Also, when anyone suggests he or she is considering a need for psychological support, almost always it is the right thing to do.

Now I have read the question itself.  Guess what?  For sure you do not have HIV.  You were not even remotely at risk, and your symptoms are not at all suggestive.  But even if you had a very high risk exposure, and even if you had classical ARS symptoms, the test results always overrule both exposure and symptoms.  The lymphocyte and other counts were ridiculous.  Do not have any more tests of any kind, for HIV or any other STD.

My answer to all four of your specific questions is yes.

Best regards--  HHH, MD
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Thank you doctor.   This is a comment not a question. The blood work ordered by the dr probably was because I had to switch practices due to new health insurance.   May you have a fabulous summer. The service you provide is a godsend.  I will now seek out the mental help I need.

Ps- I see alot of people ask where can they get the duo test in the north east.   I can advise where the test is free and results our in 1 hr.   Not sure if that's appropriate.

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Dr.  Hunter

I have one followup question:

1.what do you think caused my minor elevation in wbc?
(I did have testicle pain,  sinus pain,  and hacking and blowing brown mucus,  and body aches starting the day blood was drawn) no fever.

My dr said don't worry move on.

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Other than HIV, we do not speculate on causes of symptoms, WBC, or anything else.  Your blood test proves it isn't HIV, so that's all I can say.  There are literally hundreds of possible explanations for an elevated WBC count.  Often it's nothing at all, just random variation.  Since your doctor said it doesn't matter, I agree with him -- move on without worry.

That's all for this thread.
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One final question please:

1.  So regardless of my slightly Elevated Wbc count my tests prove it's not related to HIV hence I can sleep with my wife unprotected?

*I have my first appt with the counselor on Monday*********

Thanks for your time and patience.!!!!!!
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How many ways can the same idea be stated in different words?  Hundreds, I'm sure -- but we're not going to go that far.  Three is plenty.

The answer is yes.
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