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Sperm in the eye hiv risk

  i have a question concerning my risk of having caught hiv.I was having sex with a guy (mutual masturbation) and allthough very far from me the guy ejaculated and some of it got into my eye wich immediatley turned red.
I immediately asked him if i had to get worried and he told me he is only having safe sex and that he is very healthy.
In the days before the episode i was feeling a little sick,but after the accident i started to panick about the possibility of being infected since  i got all the symptoms (light fever,swallen lumps under my neck,sore throat,a bit of diarrhea...)I have to be honest and say most of the people around me have got flu the last days but still i am very concerned about the risk.
Please let me know what are my risks if the guy actually lied to me and if he is hiv positive
thank you
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There are no data on the risk of HIV transmission by exposure of the eye to infected secretions.  Undoubtedly it is very low; my guess is less than one chance in many thousand.  Equally important, it is unlikely your partner is infected; few people lie when asked directly.

I suspect you have correctly diagnosed your own symptoms, at least intellectually, even if you remain worried about them -- i.e., a garden variety viral infection.  You can't get ARS/HIV symptoms before a week, and usually not until 10-14 days, after catching HIV.

If you remain concerned, see a health care provider.  But I really see no signficant risk of HIV here.

But this does remain a good lesson:  Before any sex with a new partner, including safe sex like this, it's a good idea to ask about and exchange HIV status.  People are especially unlikely to be untruthful ahead of time, especially when both peolple are shaing their HIV status ("do ask, do tell").  As you found, sometimes intended safe sex turns out to have unanticipated risks; and other times, intentions to remain safe are discarded at the peak of arousal.  Think about it for future events with new or unknown partners.

But don't assume that lecture means I believe there really was significant risk here.  I do not.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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Thank you very much
   lesson taken
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