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Symptoms Of HIV and Im scared

Hello and thank-you for your time. I heard about this site and im hoping for some help in order to put my mind to rest. Im 20 and i lost my virginity with a girl (dating) alittle over 5 months ago (she was 18). She claims shes clean and she tells me she gets tested at a gynecologist whenever she gets birth control. Even today she keeps telling me shes clean and really hates me bugging her. I had unprotected sex with her and i havent had unprotected sex with anyone since! a few weeks ago and continuing today i have a burning sensation on the tip of my tongue, white looking flesh on the side of my tongue and a bump on the side as well, and i feel like i have had phlegm in my throat for a few weeks but i cant get anything out. Im dying of fear and i clear my throat alot but it returns in seconds. my chest also hurts every once inawhile like a pinching muscle pain (maybe bc i keep trying to clear my throat). I went to a physician and he made me open my mouth and put a back light in my mouth and said my throat looked inflamed. and he said most likely the sides are not thrush but it could be. he gave me zythromax which calmed down the burning alot near the tip of my tongue but still burns alittle. theres is a dark red spot where it burns. my main concern is the throat. im afraid of candida in the throat. and i dont wanna die. shes the only person i ever had sex with. I was on cipro for a month. but this occured 2-3 weeks after. please tell me im gonna be okay. Im young and wanna live a normal life.
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Welcome to the forum.  It doesn't matter that you didn't request me or Dr. Hook. We ignore all such requests and answer questions randomly.  But thanks for your equal confidence in both of us!

The questions you ask are among the most common on this forum.  Our replies are always the same:  HIV is rare in women in the US and other industrialized countries, and almost completely absent at age 18.  And people almost never lie when asked directly whether they have HIV or other STDs -- and certainly your partner is telling the truth.  Even if she had HIV, the transmission risk through unprotected vaginal sex is quite low.  

And despite what you think you might have learned by online research or otherwise, symptoms never help judge whether or not a person has a new HIV infection -- because the identical symptoms occur in so many other common, minor illnesses.  In any case, your symptoms really do not sound at all like a new HIV infection.  My guess is that your mouth and throat discomfort are due to all the antibiotics you have had -- maybe not to start, but at this point that's a pretty good bet.  You could even have an oral yeast infection, which commonly results from over-treatment with antibiotics.

But the big mystery here is why you are sitting around worrying, or asking questions on line, when the answer to your fears is instantaneously available:  get an HIV test, for goodness' sake!  For sure it will be negative and you can put this somewhat silly fear aside.

From all you say, I don't blame your partner for feeling you are bugging her.  It is almost impossible she has HIV and you should definitely lay off.  You owe her an apology, preferably accompanied by flowers, an expensive dinner, and even more expensive wine.

Feel free to return to report your HIV test result -- but I won't have any other advice until then.  Don't worry about it in the meantime; it will be negative.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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oh and i didnt pick a doctor! umm it doesnt matter which 1. you both seem very professional at what you do. please and thank-you
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