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Test time

Afternoon Doc, it's been around 42-44 days since my encounter with an escort in which during the condom broke. I read numerous post in which either Dr. Hook or Dr. HHH have stated 6-8 weeks will provide results I can have confidence in. I plan on going for a rapid test after work today. My question is during the last week I experienced chest pain that lasted for about 3 days then went away. After that I notice an area a couple of inches above my wrist area was swollen and still is as I type this entry. Are these ARS symptoms? I read numerous post as well as your responses about concerns of ARS symptoms but I have also read that some ppl have ARS and mistake it as a cold, allergies or ppl develop bumps and mistake them for insect bites.
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Welcome to the Forum.  As much as I find questions about symptoms to be a complete waste of time and an unnecessary source of anxiety for MedHelp clients, you have approached the issue from a slightly different perspective which is worthy of comment.  That is, could ARS symptoms be mistaken for something else.  The answer is yes.  The symptoms or the ARS are those of a severe, flu-like illness of the sort that most people get every so often.  Fevers, muscle and joint aches, and rash are all part of the syndrome.  Thus someone could mistake ARS symptoms for "the flu".  It is important however to also remember that there are hundreds or thousands of people who get the flu and similar illnesses for every one person who gets HIV.  It is this huge statistical imbalance that makes worrying about the ARS such a waste of time, particularly following low risk exposures which are unlikely to lead to HIV anyway.  I hope this comment is helpful to you in putting things into perspective.  

As for your specific questions, neither chest pain nor isolate pain in the wrist area in any way , including the ARS.  

Getting tested today is a fine idea.  Have confidence in the answer which will almost certainly be that you do not have HIV.

Take care EWH
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Im waiting for my results tomorrow,i'd like to wish you
all the best im sure you'll be fine my friend

goodluck and take care
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Thx for the kind words, was ur exposure similar to mine? I also wish you the best outcome.
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Im afraid my Friend lot worse i was in Thailand last year and
had sex with 4 or 5 women on a regular basis wit no condom
im worried sick an da Dr Emailed me today an told my tests
will b in at 4pm 2moro....(tuesday) or 1st thing Wed morning

im praying to God i'll be Ok i no the Stats and the numbers
are on my side but is the luck.....as long as my Girlfriend not
infected i'll be OK !!! Let me no how you get on an i'll say a
prayer 4 u my Friend .......God Bless YOU
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God bless you as well. I say a prayer for you as I pray for myself. I believe you will be fine the thing that scared me is 3 days later after I situation I was diagnosed with urethritis. It's an inflamation and can occur even if both ppl are STD free but I have been scared to death ever since.
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Worry an stress can cause many systoms,
ive had no symtoms so please dont worry
my friend u'll be fine i promise you....i no rationale
goes out the window when your feeling like this,
your circumstances sound alot better so try an take comfort
from the fact i dont know you from Adam and i can tell you
98% u'll be fine ..Plss let me no how u get on after work

i said a prayer 4 u....God always listens x
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Thx doc for the speedy reply, I don't wanna go to far bac but my original concern was due to me developing urethritis 3 days after my encounter. Unprotected oral and protected intercourse until the condom broke. Does this info change your response at all?
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No change in my response.  Many people get urethritis following receipt of unprotected oral sex.  Virtually no one has ever gotten HIV.  EWH
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I understand ,so it is possible to contract urethritis from vaginal sex but most likely occurs from unprotected oral? That's my last question thank you and Dr. HHH for all your help. Lord willing I get the answer I'm praying for later tonight. Take care
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The term urethritis means inflammation of the urethra.  It can be due to STDs like gonorrhea or chlamydia but does not need to be.  In fact in most people with urethritis, it is not clear what has caused it.  Urethritis can be caused by vaginal sex or oral sex.  It is more common following vaginal sex.  EWH
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Ok doc, I kno the forum is for HIV and not stds but I'll try anyway. Is it safe to assume that if I contracted urethritis due to the broken condom meaning bacteria made it's way into my urethra that if the female was HIV positive that I would contract that as well? I kno b4 I said that was my last question but your last response made me think a little
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This will be the last response.  You really need not overthink this, you need to relax.

Different STD have different probablitities of getting infected. For instance it your partner had gonorrhea, the chances are 1 in 5 that you would get it through unportected sex.  On the other had, if she had HIV the risk is 1 in 1000. thus even if your partner had HIV (which is unlikely), you would be 200 times less likely to get HIV.  Thus you really do not need to worry

You need to relax.  This will end this thread.  Take care.  eWH
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U were absolutely rite doc. Jus finished the test negative!
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Thx 4 ur prayers.. Jus finished the test negative
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