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Testing During Symptoms

I am 32, never had unprotected sex, non-IV user. Life trainwreck on Aug 25th, 2011. Snorted coke, got drunk, had escort from internet. Had an active HSV-1 on lip while taking Acyclovir. She was AA in New York. Looked shabby, I have strong suspicion she was an injection drug user supporting her addiction. She smelled like she smoked 5 packs a day, like druggies do. Wanted to use condoms, I only wanted vaginal, condom used but failed, penetration unprotected for maybe 5 minutes. I freaked out and asked her if she was sick, hesitated said no, she didn't clearly answer asked me if I was if I remember correctly.

On day 41 I developed a sore throat that started on right side and progressed to full throat, got a fever (not high just about 37.5C), muscle aches. 42 days, went to my doctor, told him what happened, checked throat said I had an infection. Got antibody test via Quest blood test. I was tested on Thursday, by Monday my symptoms were gone.

I moved on, the problem is...now April 2013. My health has been declining really bad. For the past 5 month (literally) I had stuffy nose with white discharge non stop (clear with white chunks) and consistent pre-FLU like feeling. It feels like right before you come down with high FLU fever but not yet, it gets better in the morning, worse at night. It does not GO AWAY. I suffer from herpes, had an outbreak lately, it cleared up in 3 days, versus 10 days it usually takes. I have tons of ingrown hairs on my legs, I never had that. Does it tell you anything? Please help me.
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Welcome to the forum.  I'll provide some figures which I hope will be helpful but the best and surest thing you can do is to have another HIV test to provide a conclusive evidence.  Even if your partner back in 2011 had HIV, the risk of infection from any single exposure is low, less than 1 in 1000 per exposure .  Further more, when tested 41 days after exposure,the test you had would have detected over 95% of recent infections.  That said 95% is not 100% and while there is little realistic chance that you are infected, you should put the exposure behind you once and for all by getting anger antibody test.

The symptoms you describe are not highly suggestive for HIV and are likely due to some other process.

Please try not to worry.  I am confident your test will be negative.  EWH
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I wanted to say, my antibody test was negative. Also, even though I always have that pre-FLU like feeling, I have not gotten sick with fever/FLU for almost 2 years. People around me come down with the flu and I do not.
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I see. Yeah I will be taking another test soon. I am very scared, because of the way I now feel. You say not highly suggestive? Can you elaborate on that please
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Simply said, there are no symptoms which are specific for recently (less than 8-10 years) acquired HIV.  The most common manifestation of HIV, the so-called acute retrovirus syndrome (ARS) mimics the flu and even in people at hig risk persons with the full spectrum of symptoms, less than 1% of persons who have symptoms compatible with the ARS or flu turn out to have HIV.  Your symptoms occurred later than the ARS (which typically occurrs 2-6 weeks after exposure) and have lasted to long.  

Testing does not give a person HIV but it does give them the power to know what is going on and whether or not they have the infection.  Most tests are negative and if you were so unfortunate as to have HIV, the test would allow you to seek treatment sooner.  There is no reason to delay or avoid HIV testing.  EWH
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Doctor I have a follow up question please.

1. I suffer from herpes on my hand and lips. HSV-1. Lately when I get an outbreak, it clears up within 1-2 days vs a week a usually took. Is that an indicator I'm sick since my immune system is all worked up and I'm getting a faster response :((

2. I'm getting consistent white discharge (non clear snot - paper color) from right nostril for 7 months now. What could it mean?

3. I just went to get my blood work done and 2 years since my last exposure doctor said that my results are excellent. My counts are perfect. Is it typical for someone who is sick to have excellent blood work after 2 years?????
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Brief, final answers.

1.  No, all of this is within the normal spectrum for HSV-1.

2.  No this is not a sign of HIV.

3.  The only way to rule out HIV for sure is to have the blood tests.  Other values may or may not be abnormal.

There will be no further answers to this thread.  EWH
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