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Testing and Window Period

Hi doctors, I've really liked reading all your answers and comments. I have a question. I'm a 28yr old, bi male in NYC. Last November 2011 at the beginning of the month I had unprotected sex with a transgendered woman. Then mid-November I had sex with another transgendered woman who I'm 90% wore a condom (I received). Whether she wore a condom or not, she did not cum inside me (mouth or anus). I then got back together with my girlfriend at the end of November. I haven't had sex since December 5th because I want to make sure I'm clean.and have gotten the rapid HIV test:

December 28th, 2011
January 12th, 2012
January 25th 2012

All were negative. Is this conclusive? I ask because I got tested again this past Wednesday (February 15th, 2012) with my doctor (they took blood, not sure what test that is) and won't find out until Tuesday. Kind of anxious. When the nurse at the free clinic tested me on the 28th of December 2011, she said the window period was 3 months. But she said on 1/25 when I got tested again that the window period is now 6 weeks with the tests they administer so it changed. Is this accurate? Thanks for your help.
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Welcome to the Forum.  Over the years, tests for HIV have become more and more sensitive and, as a result, give definitive answers regarding HIV sooner and sooner.  There are also currently a number of tests now on the market, some of which can provide results sooner than others.  The tests which are most widely used and which take the longest to provide definitive results are tests which test for only antibodies.  These tests now provide definitive test results by 8 weeks following an exposure and for most people sooner than that.   The interval between Dec 5 and January 25 is 7.5 weeks.  At that time, nearly all persons with HIV would have positive tests.  Your Feb 15 will most certainly be definitive.  

If I were you, I would not be worried that you have HIV from your encounters on or before Dec 5.

I hope this comment is helpful.  EWH
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Dr. Hook, thanks for the comment. It was very helpful. I was supposed to get the results back today from my doctor, but they are now saying I have to wait tomorrow. So, I have two follow up questions:

1- Do you know what type of test this is? They took blood then sent it off to a lab. I also had this test back on Dec. 6th 2011.

2- I'm not worried about December 5th with my girlfriend, I'm more worried about mid-November. So, that would be over 8 weeks with a negative rapid anti-body test. Have you ever seen or heard of someone testing negative after 8 weeks, then test positive at 12 weeks?
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1.  Sorry, there are many types of blood tests.  

2.  No, it has been many years since I have seen anyone who had a negative test at 8 weeks who then became positive. The tests have improved substantially since then.  I remain confident your test will be negative. EWH
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Hi Dr. Hook, thanks again for your help. I received my results today and everything was negative. Big relief, but I'm sure you are not surprises. Just to confirm, at this point I don't need any further testing?
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As I said before, there is no medical need for further testing.  

Time for this thread to end. EWH
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