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Unprotected oral HIV risk

During the past year, I have had unprotected oral sex with about 10 different escorts.  In all cases, the oral sex was unprotected and the vaginal sex was protected.  I only ejaculated during protected vaginal sex and I never performed cunnilingus--the unprotected oral sex was always performed on me.  I have had jock itch for about 2 weeks, as well as a red, painless, itchy throat.  My doctor prescribed antibiotics for my throat and cream for the jock itch, but neither have gone away after 2 weeks.  I can feel 2 lymph nodes under my jaw (one on each side) that are firm and about the size of lima beans.  Keep in mind I have seasonal allergies.  What is my risk for HIV?
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Welcome to the forum.  Thanks for your question.

Oral sex is safe sex, with little or no risk of HIV transmission.  See the following thread for more detailed discussion about it:


In addition, the frequency of HIV is generally believed to be quite low among escorts (meaning expensive female sex workers by appointment), especially when they consistently have their clients use condoms for vaginal or anal penetration-- so the odds are strong none of your partners was infected.  Finally, your symptoms are not at all suggestive of HIV.

For all those reasons, you are at very low risk for HIV.  Based on the exposures and symptoms you describe, you don't need HIV testing. On the other hand, all people who are sexually active outside mutually monogamous relationships should have routine STD and HIV testing from time to time, like once a year, even if all sexual exposures were apparently safe ones.  So if you haven't been tested recently, this would seem to be a good time, while it's on your mind.  But not because of the specific exposures and symptoms you have described.  If you decide to be tested, you definitely can expect negative results.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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