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Very Nervous...What do you think??? HIV exposure

Hey Doc's, First thing I will say is WOW...what an informative site A+. I am a 24 year old heterosexual non drug using male living in Montreal Canada. Nov.2006 I had just broken up with an ex and ended up sleeping with a girl I have known for a year or so (unprotected) and we had sex 3 times over 2 encounters.Now this is where my stress/stupidity comes into play.This girl is what you would describe as somewhat promiscuous(quite a few different partners ,never had sex with a drug user(needles) though).Now for some reason I was never really concerned with any of this at all until January 2006 I started seeing my current Girlfreind. After 3 months of unprotected sex (begin of may 2007) she experienced intense stomach cramps after sex that lasted 5 minutes. She went to her Gyno who ordered FULL STD testing including HIV test. All came back neg except for Chlamydia.I then went to check for same thing (uretheral swab) and chlamydia came up Negative with me???(no HIV test) The doc gave her pills and she was re tested for chlamydia and was neg.(4 months ago we both developed HPV(warts)and have been given aldara to clear them up.Now here is the questions:1) Last thursday i went for my HIV test after the anxiety was ruining my life,Now I know NEVER to rely on someone else's HIV test(current GF) to find out your own result but to make me sleep better at night is there a good chance she would have tested positive after 3 mth of regular unprotected sex if i had been infected?
2) In your opinion was i engaging as what specialists would describe as a high risk activity and if not what kind of risk is it? 3)Is heterosuxal hiv really that rare in developed countries (ie canada) because DOC I AM FREAKING OUT AND I WONT FIND OUT FOR A WEEK OR SO OF MY RESULTS!!! 4) Am i freking out for no reason here or am i at a considerable risk given the info above??? (can i really test neg for chlamydia after 3mth of unprotect sex???)

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I would not call you overly promiscuous.  You have had a series of relationships. This is not common.  

As I read your post, my sense is that you are concerned that the girl you had sex with in Nov 06 might have been HIV infected.  To put this in perspective, even if she was very promiscuous, the odds are that she was not HIV infected.  Here in the U.S. the prevalence of HIV in the general population is estimated to be no more than 1%.  Even if she had many sex partners, odds her her risk would be no more than double that .  I suspect the odds are similar or lower in Canada, thus I would suspect from the outset that it is unlikely the she had HIV.  IF SHE DID HAVE HIV AND THIS IS VERY UNLIKILY AS I'VE SAID ABOVE) your odds of getting infected are less than 1 per 1000 exposures, thus if you had sex with her three times, your risk would be 0.3% (again, if she was infected which is unlikely).

Having said this, I would like to be sure that you were treated for chlamydia at about the same time your present GF was.  You should have been.

Finally, for your questions:
1.  For the same reasons I gave above, she is unlikely to have gotten infected, even if you were (but I doubt that either of you is infected - the odds are too low).
2.  No, you are well within the normal range
3.  Yes, it is very rare.  That 1% prevalence rate I quoted above included persons with same sex partners and intravenous drug users.  Since you are neither, your ( and your GF's) odds are considerable lower.
4.  Yes, you are freaking out for no reason.  Get treated for chlamydia but don't worry about HIV, your test will be negative.  EWH
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Thank you very much Doctor this site is truly special. I have one more question and then I will not re-post as I'm sure you have many other people to attend to.
To answer your question when my current GF got treated for Chlamydia i was as well. They gave me the same pills and same instructions even though i tested negative (I still dont know how i can go 3 months without getting Chlamydia?)

There is somehing i did not mention as I ran out of character space...... Before the sketchy girl of Nov 06' I had 4 previous relationships (all unprotected). These were all girlfreinds that i went out with for a while that i did not know exact status yet had a good idea of with who and how many guys they had been with.... My qustion is; knowing this info that i now tell you do you still think i fall into a pretty normal sex life category (ie: low risk) and have you in your professional experience ever encountered someone (similar lifestyle/experiences as me) test positive for HIV?

I really appreciate all your time doctor and your responses will definately make me sleep better tonight!!! Thank you!
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Yes, I would still consider you to be inthe normal range.  As for HIV acquisition, anyone can get it at any time but in your case this risk is low at this time.  On the other hand that is no reason to not practice safe sex -other STDs can also cause much trouble for you.  EWH
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Thank you!!!

Trust me this has been a HUGE eye opener!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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